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Erasmus Santiago de Compostela 2012 / 2013 (English)

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oh, I haven't received any e-mail. I think I should go to the office of international relations at my university and ask what's the problem. Hope they didn't forget to send my app. ://

Hello everyone! I will come to USC february to July 2013. I have so many questions about accommodation :)

I will be on my third year of law in USC!

Nice :) And what about subjects? Which do you want to choose?

It was quiet hard to find exactly the same classes that i should have in France but i took derecho de obligationes, derecho del trabajo, derecho registral, derecho mercantil y 2 others subjects less importants. 

Are you going to take a room with the university or separated? 

I think that i`ve choosen similar subject :) I`m thinking about renting a flat with other sutdents bcs dormitories in Spain are expensive and nobody want to live there. And you? Are you interested also in renting? If yes, we have to be in touch :D

Hi my name is Betty I will going to USC in september for 5 months, I will learn Labour Relations. Somebody can help with this course?

add me on facebook, Betty Juhasz

thanks, Betty :))

Yes Marta, i'm also looking for others erasmus students to live together in a flat, because it ll be easier to be integrate and support each other!  You can add me on facebook if you want to tchat sometimes (Alix Bouchou)!

My university finally sent my nomination and I received the mail from USC. Have you booked your tickets yet? Or did you think about when to come to Santiago?

Ufff, thinkin about flights!?! In my situation, not yet :D I dont know how i`ll write exams : ((( But 'year' begins so early, we will have enought time :D Are you gonna book sth now?

by plane too!  yeah i'm too bad, to begin the 6 september.. OMG! i think to go there mi august and find other erasmus students to share a flat! 

i also want to go in August to find a flat and to go to this spanish language course :)

I applied for EILC and it begins in August, 20th. So I plan to come in August, too. I want to find a flat and get accustomed to new surrounding :)

Where di you know that You accepted for EILC ? Can we know it too Majka?

Do we have to apply for EILC now if we want to take part in it?

Is it free? 

Çağlar, I don't know whether I'm accepted fot EILC. I just applied for it and wait for the decision. But by the time they decide the tickets can be much more expensive. I would like to know if I have a chance to get there. I hope so.

Natalia, yes. We have to apply now.

Alix, yes as I know it's free. Moreover, your home university can give you some grant in addition for this course. My university usually does. 

What is the deadline for applying for EILC? How much time do I still have?

Caglar, merhaba, Turksun galiba. Ben Ali. Bu sene Erasmusla USC'ye geliyorum bn, ve buyuk ihtimalle ispanyolca kursuna katilcam. Sen ne zmn gelmeyi dusunuyosn? Ev isini naptn? Yurtta mi kalcaksn yoksa? Senin okudugun bolum ne? 

Hello everyone! I will come to USC in August to July 2013 and I will be studying in economics department . Someone else also goes to this department ?? 

A mostrar 41-60 de 92 entradas

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