Erasmus Riga 2012 / 2013 (English)

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check prima hostel or green apple. i'm a bit stressed as the green apple hasn't replied to my reservation and i'm coming on sunday :D


I m also going Riga from September. From Turkey

Hey i am erasmus student from Turkey. I going to fly to riga on 29th august. Hostels are overbooked and i need a dormitory or apart to stay till october 8th. Somebody thinks rent a flat?

Hello! I'm María from Spain and I'm going to study in the RTU too! I study architecture (4º course) and I would like to rent a flat with no-spanish people! If you are looking for flatmate tell me please!

anybody is going to Lilijas residence? 

Hello! I'm Charo, from Spain, I'm an student having an intership. I'm looking for a flat, to share if it is possible, and what I seriously I am looking for is to meet people.

Where do you usualy meet? I would like to meet new international people! I am completely alone!!!

Looking forward your news!!!

Hello! I'm Janaina from Brazil! I'm here in Riga since 8th August and still don't know anyone =(...! Few people speak english and I wanna change some experiences and ideas. I'm wanna know if there will be some meeting, do you know something??? In any case, we can match something!

See you

I had this dorm problem too... Now I'm living in the Green Apple Hostel. It's not soo expensive and the location in amazing!


 I am Esther from Spain, I am looking for flat in riga, can you help me? you can write me a email if you know some flat or you need some room mate, we are two spanierds.


hola, me llamo Marta, de España también,ando igual que vosotras, si os parece podemos ir buscando un piso para vivir las tres o, no sé. Yo tengo alojamiento en un youth hostel hasta mediados de septiembre. Agregadme a Facebook si quereis, ya que yo con esta página ando un poco perdida, y vamos hablando por ahi. (Marta Diet Coke)

i need some new friends in Riga. i am in Riga from 29.  august. have you some meetings?

Hello everyone, i'm Federica from Italy

I'm going to come to Riga on February. Any ideas for accomodation? Thank you

Looking for accommodation in a student appartment/dorm from +- 20 January till +- 20 June.

Anybody has any nice options or a free room?

.I'm looking for accomodation too,I'll be there  +- 15 January till +- july. I'll attend different course from the faculty of humanities.In few words i'm looking for accomodation and a roomates too.

Hi, I'm michele from italy, i'm looking for accomodation in riga old town. +- 3 january till +- june. Thanks :)

hey hey! I am Mike from Poland. I will be a student at Riseba University ;) I heard that  Green Apple was closed, so I looking for flat in Riga (+- 20.01.2013 till +- june) and flatemates - mostly from Riseba University (but is not necesery) 

See You!!!

Hi all!

for any information about living in Riga etc visit my website

I'm a medical student at RSU and am from the Netherlands but live here now.

I can help you with social stuff, paperwork, missing family ;-) etc. 

I work together with my latvian friend also to find housing for student. This way you won't be ripped off by people and still can find you a nice place to stay (now that green apple is closed) and find a place to call ' home'

Feel free to contact me!

hey lina! 

I can help you. let me check it and please send me a reminder at

my first name and than after the symbol with a.

( i type it like this to be able to post it.)

Hello!! I¨m erasmus student in Riga...


I am Ezgi from İstanbul. I will be in Riga on 24th of January. I booked the Teddy Bear hostel for 7 days. All dorms are overbooked. Anyone know about this hostel? And anyone know a Facebook page for Erasmus Students in Riga?


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