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Denisse Garcia

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Denisse Garcia

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Atividade de Denisse

  • Lugar

    Old Town

    Kaunas has a very interesting feeling to it. It is a student city, with a lot of hidden great bars and restaurants. You can find the nicest and coziest places to have a drink in the most unexpected part of town. The city is also divided in two, the Old Town and the New...

    por Denisse em O que ver Kaunas, há 2 anos
  • Lugar

    Mercado de San Miguel

    El Mercado de San Miguel is a must see in Madrid, not only because is great to grab something to eat, but also because of the great environment and great places to drink too. It is called mercado translated to "market", but maybe not in the traditional sense of the...

    por Denisse em Onde comer Madrid, há 2 anos
  • Lugar


    It is one of the most frequented bars in Rennes by students. It is right in the zone with most bars by square meter in france. If you are a student looking to meet some new people and have a fun time, this is a great place to pay a visit to. If you want to try the...

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