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Aulas de Turco online

  • Effective Turksh and English Lessons for adults and children

    7‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-tr Berceste ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: InglêsB1 · EspanholA1 · TurcoNativo

    Hello, Hola, Merhaba! I ' m Berceste. My native language is Turkish and I speak English at B2 level. As an erasmus intern in Spain, I am doing resear...

  • Learn Turkish From A Former Erasmus Student

    7‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-tr Meric ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: InglêsC1 · TurcoNativo

    Hi , I'm a 20 year old Turkish former Erasmus student. I'm fluent in English and Turkish is my native language. I wanna help you learn Turkish easily ...

  • Apprentissage de la culture et la langue Turquoise

    20‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-ma Rabab ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: Ingl√™sB1 ¬∑ Franc√™sB2 ¬∑ √ĀrabeNativo ¬∑ TurcoC1

    Désirez-vous parler parfaitement la langue turque ? Voulez-vous tout simplement en apprendre plus sur la civilisation et la culture de la Turquie ? Ay...

  • Hi Everyone! Good greetings from the warmth city of Turkey

    8‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-tr Arda ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: InglêsB2 · GermanA2 · TurcoNativo

    Merhaba ArkadaŇülar, Hello people, good greetings from Turkey. I am Arda. I have been teaching Turkish more than 2 years to my foreign friends. I lov...

  • ńį can teach T√ľrkish. And if you have in turkish letter or document i can translation

    7‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-tr Ahmet ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: Ingl√™sA2 ¬∑ √ĀrabeB2 ¬∑ TurcoC2

    Merhaba ben Ahmet Akt√ľrk. Mardin de dońüdum T√ľrk√ľm. Dicle √ľniversitesinde okuyorum. Ňěuan T√ľrk√ße, K√ľrt√ße ve biraz Arap√ßa biliyorum. ńįlerde Akademisyen ...


    5‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-tr beyza ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: InglêsC1 · TurcoNativo

    MERHABA! It's Beyza. I am Turkish and live in Turkey. I am a senior student in English Language Teaching department. I have been conducting private T...

  • private lesons at all levels ( English, Italian,Turkish)

    20‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-tr Defne ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: InglêsC2 · ItalianoC2 · TurcoNativo

    Private lessons in english, italian and turkish. Turkish for foreigners. Translation. Consecutive translation , interpreting english,italian,turkis...

  • Learn Turkish with a native speaker from Ankara, Turkey

    5$ por hora

    • flag-tr G√∂rkem ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: InglêsC1 · GermanA2 · TurcoNativo

    Selam! My name is Görkem and I am from Ankara, Turkey. I am a student at Bilkent University and I have been teaching English for 2 years. Now, I deci...

  • Learn Turkish From a Native Expert, a Master Student!

    20‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-tr Toprak √Ėmer ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: InglêsC1 · TurcoNativo

    Merhaba / Hello! This is Toprak from ńįstanbul, Turkey. I‚Äôm doing a master‚Äôs in Political Science and International Relations. I will be at Cardina...

  • Profesora Turco para Extranjeros / Turkish Teacher for Foreigners

    20‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-tr Bilge ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: InglêsB1 · EspanholB1 · TurcoNativo

    Hola soy Bilge, profesora turco nativo, licenciada en la lengua y literatura turca por la universidad de Anadolu y licenciada facultad de Ciencias de ...

  • Learn Turkish by Having Fun From an Expert!

    10‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-pl Yunus ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: InglêsC1 · TurcoNativo

    Merhaba! NasńĪlsńĪn? Helloo my name is Yunus and I am from Turkey. I'm 23 years old. Nice to meet you. :) My goal is to teach Turkish for people who ar...

  • Native Turkish Speaker, can teach both grammar and conversational Turkish

    5‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-tr G√ľlcee ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: InglêsC1

    Hello! I'm G√ľlce and I'm very willing to teach you conversational Turkish. I'm really fascinated by languages and I know it takes time to learn a new ...

  • Speak Turkish like local people in Turkey

    7‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-tr Gizem ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: InglêsC1 · EspanholA2 · TurcoNativo

    Merhaba! Hello! My name is Gizem and I'm from Turkey. I want to help people who is willing to learn Turkish. I can help you about speaking Turkish li...

  • Turkish lessons from Native citizent(From beginner to native level)

    15‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-tr Beg√ľm ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: TurcoNativo

    Hi, I'm Beg√ľm from ńįstanbul/Turkey. I would like to teach you Turkish from beginner to native level. Before starting our class, we will have a short o...

  • Cours de fran√ßais et turc avec un tuteur exp√©riment√© en turc et en fran√ßais

    8‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-tr Wali ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: FrancêsC1 · TurcoC1

    Bonjour, je m'appelle Mahamat amine j'ai 25 ans, je vie en France. Je peux vous faire des cours en turc et français, pour toute personne intéressé ve...

  • Native turkish doktor teacher with 5 years of experience

    25‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-tr √áańüla ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: GermanC2 · TurcoNativo

    Hello My name is Cagla ,I am living in Berlin .I love educating my students . I have been giving private lessons since 7 years and have good referenc...

  • Turkish Lessons from native speaker with 5 yrs of experience

    5$ por hora

    • flag-tr Cem ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: InglêsC2 · GermanB1 · RussoC1

    Hi , my name is Cem. Happy to see you here . I am ready to teach you Turkish . Daily speech , business Turkish , Turkish grammer , Turkish for beginne...

  • Easy Turkish - Learn Turkish from Native

    5‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-tr MńĪzgin ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: InglêsC2 · JaponêsA2 · GermanA1 · TurcoNativo

    Hello friends. I Mizg√ģn from Turkey. Anyone who wants to learn Turkish make contact with me! I have previously been an exchange student in Bosnia an...

  • Let's Learn the Turkish Language with native speaker

    5‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-tr Mertcan ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: InglêsB2 · ItalianoA2 · CroateA2

    Hello everyone, herkese merhaba. My name is Mertcan from Turkey and 24 years old. I have been living one of the island in Croatia in 11 months and wor...

  • Our new task is to learn Turkish, let's start

    20‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-tr Enes ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: InglêsC1

    Hello, learning a new language is very easy. You just need the right way and the right person. Just as I learned English, you can learn Turkish, all y...

  • Learn Turkish from native speaker( I am also an educator)

    5‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-tr Damla ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: InglêsB2 · EspanholA1 · TurcoNativo

    Hello, I can help everyone who wants to speak Turkish. I am a very friendly person. I am also studying in education faculty so I already know how to t...

  • Learn Turkish with Native, Culture, Language,Foods,Books

    7‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-tr Eslem Melike ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: InglêsB2 · PortuguêsA1 · TurcoNativo

    Hello!Hola!Ola! I'm Eslem from Turkey.I have a experience teaching Turkish to my foreign friends. Do you want to learn Turkish I'm here for you. I can...

  • Professional Turkish Teacher with 13 years of experience

    20‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-tr Nurdan ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: InglêsC1

    Hello from Istanbul. My name is Nurdan √áapkńĪn. I have 10 years of experience in the field of teaching Turkish as a foreign language at one of the larg...

  • Learn TURKISH! In a fun and easy way! from native teacher

    20‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-es Ezgi ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: InglêsC1 · EspanholC1 · TurcoNativo

    Turkish classes for all levels and needs, from native teacher with experience and PhD in educational sciences. If you want to learn Turkish or improv...

  • Certified Teacher of Turkish 4 years of experience

    20‚ā¨ por hora

    • flag-tr Duygu ¬∑ Ensina: Turco
      Fala: InglêsC2 · EspanholB2 · TurcoNativo · DanoisA2

    Hello! My name is Duygu. I am from Turkey, based in the UK for more than 5 years now. I trained as a teacher and currently I am both teaching and tran...

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