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Tadej Zupanc

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Tadej Zupanc

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Attività di Tadej

  • Coinquilino

    24 year olf student, looking for a peaceful place

    I study nature conservation in Slovenia, and i am coming to Nijmegen for a 2 month practical training. This training will take place from May 16th to July 16th. I was offered an accomodation from my employer, but only for the first week. I still need a room for the next...

    in Coinquilini Nimega, 3 anni fa
  • Esperienza

    Experience in Maribor, Slovenia by Tadej

    Source What is it like to live in Maribor? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? Normally the atmosphere is relaxed, unless there is a holiday or a football match. People are generally friendly. I enjoyed running and hitch-hiking along the river and through...

    0 da Tadej in Esperienze Erasmus Maribor, 3 anni fa

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