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  • Forum

    German dialect in Hagenberg !

    Bonjour Manu ! From time to time, I can catch a word, but when the student are speaking together, you better go eat an ice-cream on your own.Or ask them to repeat slowly... that works too, I have to say. And most of them don't bite and are not too wild, even if they are...

    da Perrine in Forum Erasmus Hagenberg, 7 anni fa
  • Esperienza

    Expérience Erasmus à Hagenberg, Autriche par Perrine

    Pourquoi as-tu choisi d'aller à Hagenberg, Autriche? Le destin. Combien de temps dure la bourse? Quel est le montant des aides que tu reçois? Presque 5 mois. Bourse Erasmus + Bourse Explo'RA (région Rhône-Alpes) Source Comment est la vie étudiante à...

    0 da Perrine in Esperienze Erasmus Hagenberg, 7 anni fa
  • Forum

    German dialect in Hagenberg !

    Hey all ! I am going to do my 6th semester in Hagenberg (February - July) and I was supposed to follow all my courses in english. But because of my non-experience in most of the english courses (programmation !), I am going to follow also german courses !But the...

    da Perrine in Forum Erasmus Hagenberg, 8 anni fa

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