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  • Expérience

    Experience in Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland by Sanem

    Generally, what is Akademia Sztuk Pieknych w Gdansku like? It is the best one for Graphic Designers because they really care about us. The building, the environment was great, unfortunately we couldn’t spend so many times at school because of CoronaWhat are the tutors...

    0 par Sanem sur Expériences Erasmus ASP , il y a 1 an
  • Colocataire


    Hi everyone! Hopefully, I will be studying at Academy of Fine Arts as an Erasmus Student for next semester. Now I'm looking for accomodation and actually I think it is better to live with someoneelse rather than living alone. I'm from Turkey and looking for English...

    sur Colocations Gdansk, il y a 1 an

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