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Raquel Loureiro

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  • Expérience

    My School, My Home

    If you'll be studying at ESAP (Portugal), you should be aware about the amount of tourists we have in every single street. The days are big but the nights are longer. Beer, football, music, and of course, the harry potter costumes. For us , is not a costume, it is just...

    0 par Raquel sur Expériences Erasmus ESAP , il y a 2 ans
  • Colocataire

    Portuguese Girl looking for accommodation in Gdansk (Gdańsk)

    Hi! My name is Raquel, 20 years old. I'm from Portugal and I'm looking for roommates during winter semester. I'll be studying Graphic Arts from September 2019 'til February 2020. I would prefer single rooms or studios located near the Old Town. I do love pets but I...

    sur Colocations Gdansk, il y a 2 ans

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