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Pawel Staniczek

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    Interrail journey through the Iberian peninsula

    I did interrail from Portugal and i have crossed whole Spain, it took 14 days of travel and 2500 km with train. This kind of activity requires good body and mind condition especially when you travel alone because you can rely only on you. Before the Journey. For the...

    0 par Pawel sur Expériences Erasmus Lisbonne, il y a 5 ans
  • Expérience

    Muslims? So this is Christmas

    Hi, I would like to share with you my amazing experience, especially now when religion and lack of knowledge is something that can destroy beliefs in others. Once upon a time, when all of my Erasmus friends already left to their countries for Christmas, there was a...

    0 par Pawel sur Expériences Erasmus Brno, il y a 5 ans

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