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  • Colocataire

    22 year old girl looking for a room to stay

    Hi I am seraching for a privat room in Pavia. It can be shared flat, but I would like to have my own room if possible ;). I will come to Pavia from half of September till Febuary (for first semester in faculty of Architecture). If you maybie are in the same situation,...

    sur Colocations Pavie, il y a 1 mois
  • Forum

    Erasmus Pavia 2022 / 2023 (English)

    Hi! I am Marysia from Poland. I am looking for accomodation in Pavia. I am willing to rent a single room in whichever size flat. My budget is around 250 euro in total. If you have an offer or if you also are searching for such a lot pleas text me (maybie we will find...

    par Marysia sur Forum Erasmus Pavie, il y a 1 mois

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