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Mary Chrysidou

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  • Expérience

    Erasmus Experience in Prague, Czech Republic by Mary

    Why did you choose to go to Prague, Czech Republic? I chose Prague, 'cause of the mentor I would have throughout my placement here, he was way more communicative than the others. Besides that, it was a dream coming true. I always wanted to come here, I really wanted to...

    0 par Mary sur Expériences Erasmus Prague, il y a 6 ans
  • Forum

    Praga 2015/2016. Meeting point!!

    Ahoj! :) My name is Mary and I'll be doing a placement in Prague for 3 months starting tomorrow! I am an easy-going person and I love new experiences! I speak Greek, English and my German is a bit rusty! If you're interested in hanging out or arranging any trips...

    par Mary sur Forum Erasmus Prague, il y a 6 ans

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