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Lisbon Night Life

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Endroits de Lisbon

  • Cascais

    Lots of stuff to see and to do: museums, walks under the sun, nice bars, fine restaurants, good beaches.. and only 20min away from Lisbon center by train. No erasmus can miss this place!

    0 par Lisbon, il y a 10 ans
  • Palácio da Pena

    Palácio da Pena was built in 1839 by order of the D. Fernando II, but the original building existing there dates from 1503. The old main facade of the convent, the church and the cloister were kept as they were. The palace is inspired by Bavaria’s architecture and...

    0 par Lisbon, il y a 10 ans
  • Jardim Botanico

    The Jardim Botanico da Ajuda is one of the oldest botanical garden in Portugal. It was built in the 18th century, and was mostly used to keep and protect species brought by the Portuguese discoverers from all over the world. Jardim Botanico has trees with more than a...

    0 par Lisbon, il y a 10 ans
  • Fabric

    Fabric was number 2 on DJ Magazine's "Top 100 Clubs" list in 2009 and 2010 for two consecutive years. With five different rooms, the musical genres played there vary. FabricLive is a Friday-night "soundclash", including tempos from hip hop, breakbeat, dubstep, drum and...

    0 par Lisbon, il y a 10 ans

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