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Kiara Vi

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Kiara Vi

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  • Forum

    Erasmus Bayreuth

    Hola , soy francesa , estoy estudiendo Idiomas ( en frances : LEA : Idiomas Estranjeras Aplicadas) ... Mi Universidad Francesa no me dio ninguna informacion ? Sabes si es el mismo curso que el tuyo ? Tus clases van a ser solo en Ingles ?Tambien, queria preguntarte si...

    par Kiara sur Forum Erasmus Bayreuth, il y a 2 ans
  • Forum

    Erasmus Bayreuth 2017 / 2018 (English)

    Hello.  I will be in Bayreuth too from october to march ! Thks for creating your page this is very useful.  Id like to ask if anyone is doing erasmus in foreign languages?  As erasmus students, are you classes in English ?  regarding accommodation , I've been...

    par Kiara sur Forum Erasmus Bayreuth, il y a 2 ans
  • Colocataire

    Looking for shared flat

    Hello  I am a french student. I'll be in Bayreuth for 6 months (oct-march) . I will be there in order to do an erasmus experience. i am currently studying foreign languages (LEA). I speak French- Italian -English and Spanish :)  I am looking for a flat / or a studio...

    sur Colocations Bayreuth, il y a 2 ans

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