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  • Forum

    Erasmus Yerevan 2021 / 2022 (English)

    Hey there, is there anyone also absolutely lost in the process of finding accommodation? Does YSU dormitory have a website with an application template? Thank you:)) Looking forward to my stay in Yerevan and to meeting all of you, strangers!

    par Eliška sur Forum Erasmus Yerevan, il y a 1 mois
  • Colocataire

    Looking for a place to live for 6 months

    Hello hello, I'm looking for a place to stay during my 1-semester-long Erasmus in Yerevan. I would love to share the place with some nice people that would help me to get to know Armenia (plan some trips to the countryside, mountains, etc.). I don't mind staying in a...

    sur Colocations Yerevan, il y a 1 mois

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