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Erasmus Paris 2018 / 2019 (English)

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I am a 21 year old Art History spanish student from Madrid and I am looking to share a flat in Paris for the upcoming year. 

I am amiable and active, and looking forward to make the most of my Erasmus year. I easily adapt to most plans and enjoy doing all sorts of different things.

I do not have any preferences regarding potential flatmates, other than kindness and friendliness! 

If you are interested in sharing a flat, pease don't hesitate to contact me and I'l be happy to get to know you!! :)

Hi guys!

My name is Martina, now I'm studying in Italy. From September to February I will be living in Paris because I will study in Paris-Val de Marne (UPEC).

I'm looking for flatmates to share an apartment, hopefully near my university (61 Avenue du Général de Gaulle, 94000 Créteil).

If you are interested in sharing an apartment with me, message me!!!

Hi evevyone!

My name is Enrico, and I'm from Italy, namely I study in Turin. I'm studying Philosophy at Paris Sorbonne-Panthéon 1 University from september 2018 for six months. I speak English, French and (maybe) German, but I'm willing to learn if you're from another country - in any case, italian people let you understand them by gesture :'). I'm neat, but I bring loads of books into your lives. I'm keen on politics and economics, you can speak with me about almost everything - uhm, no football, though.

I'm seraching for roommates, let me know if interested!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Sakshi, I am from Canada and will be studying at INSEEC Paris campus for the Sept. 2018 semester!

Looking for an afforable place to live, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Hi! My name is Katie and i'm 21 years old from London. I will be moving to Paris at the end of July for 12 months for my 3rd year of University for an Internship. I'm looking to find flatmates and a place to live Western Paris, so if anyone is interested in sharing a place please message me!!

Hey everyone!!

I'm Stavros and I am a 20 year old student from Thessaloniki, Greece. I'll be studying in UPEC from September 2018 for one semester. I am bilingual (german and greek and I also speak english and french. I am generally a quiet person and watch netflix at home but I also like to travel and really want to make the most out of Paris and go out and have fun, make friends, etc. I am looking for an affordable place to live  in Paris (near Bastille would be ideal). 

If you're interested in sharing a flat or want to get to know me just send me a message!

Hello everyone! My name is Karolina, I'm a philology student coming to Paris in September and I'll be staying till the end of January. I'll be studying at the UPEC (University in Creteil). I want to explore Paris and meet new people~ I'm also looking for accommodation and a female flatmate. 


My name is Salviana Carissa, I am 18 years old, and I am going to study a bachelor degree (Licence 1) in National School of Architecture of Paris-Belleville in Paris (École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-Belleville) located in the 19th district of Paris. I am currently searching for an accommodation in the 11th district. If anyone here is going to ENSA Paris-Belleville, let me know! :)


My name is Hamza. I’m from Rabat and Im a civil engineer . Next year I’ll be studying in ESTP Paris (9ème arrondissement) so I’m looking for a place to stay from for a minimum period of 6months or even more. If there’s anyone interested in sharing an apartment I’d be happy to hear from you!!

Hello everyone! I am Erisa, a student at the University of Ferrara. Next year I will be an Erasmus student at the University Paris II Phanteon Assas from February to July. I'm looking for a flat and roommates :) 

Heyyyy everyone!

I'm Pablo from Spain and I'm starting my master program in Paris Nanterre on international economics.

I'll be coming to Paris for the whole academic year 2018/2019 and after having been denied a residency I'm looking for people to share an apartment (preferably on the west side of Paris but I'm open to everything and everyone).

If you're interested or know anyone that could be, don't hesitate to contact me!!

Hello there!

I am a 20 years old Spanish guy who is going to study Music at CNSM Paris (Conservatorire National Supèrieur de Musique) from September 2018 to July 2019. I am looking for an accommodation, quite urgently. The ideal one would be a shared apartment in the 19eme Arrondissement, close to the Parc de la Villete, with a budget around 550€.

I am a kind, open-minded and pleasant musician who speaks French, English and Spanish, and who is trying to who will try to turn a flat into a comfortable home.

What I study is music theory, so the noise would not be a problem...

If you're looking for (or you know someone who is) a good person to share your experience in Paris and have a good company to whom you can exchange and mutually enrich eachother, then contact me!

Hi guys!

We are two girls from Italia and Spain. We will be studying in Paris-Val de Marne (UPEC) the upcoming year so we are looking for a flatmate to share an apartment near our university.
If there's someone interested, let us know!!

Thank you!!!


I am Gaetano from Italy, I am going to study aerospace engeneering at Sorbonne university, I am looking for an accomodation in Paris South

Hey, could I have more information about this? :)

Hi! My name is Cecilia and I'm from Mexico. I'm coming to Paris to study Visual Arts in Paris VIII this semester. I'm a very easy going and open minded person. I get along very well with any kind of pets. I don't smoke nor drink, and I like all kinds of music. I'm fluent in Spanish, English and French, and I speak some Italian. If you're looking for a roomie, please hit me up. :)

Hi fabien! I sent you a private message:) I’d like to hear more about your apartment. 


I'm Guilherme, a student from Brazil, going soon to Sciences Po Paris to do my exchange program for the fall.

I'm looking for a roomate, no preferences, as long as the person is cool everything will be fine!

I can speak English and Portuguese, and even though it may be terrible yet, my French is in its way, waiting for someone cool to rehearse it if possible.

Feel free to contact me, and to give me some tips of places if you have them. 

Indian student looking for a part time job in paris, France. have 2 years of experience in frontend development (ANGULAR JS) 

i already found an accommodation (a studio ) through spotahome !

sorry :)

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