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1 room apartment for couple OR shared apartment for 2-8 people.

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Good day,

I am an Erasmus Sudent from Trinidad and Tobago, and I will be in La Plata studying at the University of La Plata for 2 1/2 months (June 5th - August 17th) and I am looking for accomodation for myself and my girlfriend or  to share with my Erasmus group.

I am interested in :

1) a studio/single room apartment with a kitchen

2) Shared apartment for 2-8 people that i can share with my Erasmus colleagues who will be coming to La Plata with me

3) Any available accomodation nearby La Plata University.


Please send me a message if you have any information on available accommodation (price,location etc) or anything at all about La Plata.

Contact me, email address is kyle_boodoo

its a yhoo address

Mostrando 1-2 de 2 entradas


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