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Erasmus Krakow 2019 / 2020 (English)

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Hi! My name is Tânia and I'm 21 years old. I'm from Portugal. I will study International Relations in Krakow during the first semester at AFMKU. However, I still haven't found accomodation or flatmates, so if you're in the same situation, let me know and we can solve that problem together and share an amazing erasmus experience. 

Regards :)

Hello everybody,

I am going to study at the university Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski of Krakow I wanted to know who of you took a bed in the university campus?

Hi everyone!

My name is Valentina and I'm 24. I'm from Rome and I will study at University of Economics from September to February. 

I'm very social and quiet. I love traveling, discovering new places, new cultures and new people. 

In Kraków, I'll do my last exams before the graduation in Italy, so I'm looking for people who want to have fun but, at the same time, be focused on exams.

Sooo, if you are looking for a flatmate or a friend in a new and unknown country, please write me back!

Have a nice day

Hi guys!

I'm looking for a flatmate! Only girl please :)

Text me if you are interested. 

Hi! I'm Marina and my flatmate and I (we both are from Spain) are  looking for a third person (doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl) for our flat. It's located on the 2nd floor on Pilsudskeigo street near AGH,UJ and the Politechnika. If you're interested, please contact with me!

Hi there!

I am a Spanish girl and I am looking for a flat near the center of Krakow (Stare Miasto) or near the Jagiellonian where I will be studying both semesters. If you are looking for a flatmate, do not hesitate to contact me! Thank you!

Hi !

I'm Ela and I will move in Krakow at the end of september for de hole year. I'm coming from Montpellier (south of France). I am studying politicals sciences so I will study at the pedagogical university, is there anybody who will study here this year ?

For my accomodation, I choose the dormitory of the university, the "Za Kolumnami" hotel (is there someone who takes this too ?)

Even if you will not studying in the same university as me, I'll enjoy to meet you to visit the city, to share our experiences in Krakow or to hang out! Don't hesitate to contact me!

ps : I hope this trip will level up my english...

Hi Guys!

My name is Gaspare 

I am an erasmus student at the "Akademia Muzyczna" (I play classical guitar, nothing so loud, don't worry XD). I am looking for a room, possibly in the city center (Stare Miasto).
I will definitely be for the first semester, but I am waiting for the extension for the whole year. If you are in search of a tenant please do not hesitate to contact me :)

All the best..

Gaspare :)

Hello! Next year I will study at the Politechnika of Krakowska and I have already found a flat with a partner. The apartment has 3 rooms and we are looking for a new flatmate. We will be living here from February to July. If anyone is interested, write to me.

Heyy!!! I'm Luiggi, I'm studying an Engineering in Barcelona and I'm going to do Erasmus on Krakow the second semester period. I will study at the Politechnika Krakowska (PK) and I will surely reside in the residence of the PK itself. It would be nice to know if someone else will be studying or living there.

Greetings and good luck!!!


My name is Jeanne and I am currently in Erasmus in Krakow and I am studying at Krakowska University Akademia im Andrzeja Frycza Modrzewskiego.

I currently live in the university campus of this school and I would like to find apartment with roommates for the second semester.

So, if you are interested send me a message.

I like to party, travel and meet people :)

Hey everyone! I’m Minerva, a 21-year-old Biology student from Spain. I’ll be expending next summer (mid-June to mid-October) in Krakow with an internship in the Agriculture University (Uniwersytet Rolniczy). I’m looking for accommodation (preferably near the University), so if anyone is leaving a free room by that time or is interested in sharing a flat, please contact me‼

Greetings :)

Hi everyone,

I am actually doing my Erasmus in Krakow since one semester and I will study here also for the second semester (I am from France btw

Hello! My Name is Paloma and i'm going to Krakow since July to September 2020! Im going to do an inter ship in a local company and I would like to meet peole


I'm an Erasmus student living in Wroclaw. I sell an air ticket Krakov - Bracelona in the 23th Febrary. The ticket is now 60 euros, but I can lower the prize. Anyone interesting do not excitate in talk to me.


My flatmates and I are looking for a flatmate for the second semester.
We are living in the North of the city, 10-12 min walking to the Main Square. The bedroom is available from March and the rent is 1175 pln (=270€ more or less) without extra fees (heating, electricity,...).
Because two of flatmates are Spanish, and one is French (as me), and because there are already 3 girls for 1 boy, we would prefer a guy from another nationality if possible.
Feel free to send me a messageso I could tell you more about the flat and maybe about Krakow ! 

Mostrando 21-36 de 36 entradas

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