Erasmus Rome 2016 / 2017 (English)

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Hello guys,Im Tulasiram from hyderabad heading to Sapienza university in rome for my masters this september.looking out for room mate and accomodation,anyone interested can text me and can organize things together.

Hi everyone ! I'm Virginie from Lyon, France. I am studying English culture, litterature and translation and I will spend the next scholar year in Roma Tre. So if you are in the same case (or not !), don't hesitate to text me, I would be glad having contacts with foreign people, no matter the school in which you will study or the language you speak ! I'm absolutely open-minded and I think this Erasmus exchange is a great opportunity to broaden everyone's horizons !

Hey! I'm Katie and I'm currently studying in London. I'm going to be spending next year at Roma Tre studying languages and culture. I'd love to make some friends or find a roomate. Feel free to message me!

Hello everybody,

I'm Elif and i will study economics at university of tor vergata for fall semester.I'd like to make friends from all around the world.If there is anyone who thinks like me, we can talk to each other and share our thoughts.

See you!!

Hi! I'm Francisca anda I'm from Portugal. I'm gonna study engeneering at Tor Vergata in the first semester! Do anyone go to Campus X?

See you!

Hi! I'm Elifcan from Turkey. I'm gonna study biology at Tor Vergata in first semester. I'd like to meet new people and make friends. Also I'm looking for a flatmate or a dormitory. If there is someone interested, please send me a massage.

I am offering to host for August-16. Pls see details on my apartment here -


Hi I'm Daniel from México and I will study next semester at Lorenzo De' Medici University in Rome. I'm interested in meeting people who are studying abroad and also those who are looking for a shared apartment or places that recomend to live so we can help us! 


I'm Amy, and I'm 20 year old student from Britain. I will be in Rome from September 2016 to June 2017 to work in a biology lab at Tor Vergata under Erasmus agreement. I am looking for people to share accomodation with, close to a metro station. I would also be interested in finding people who would like to do toursity things (and explore different parts of Italy) with me and hang out!

I only speak English so it'd be preferable to stay with people who also also speak English (although I am trying to learn Italian!)

Bye for now!


I'm Aina and I'm from Kazakhstan. I'm going to study MBA in Tor Vergata  this year and looking for a room beside my university. Gladly ready  to live with other students who are looking new friends. I would like a private room in an apartment with a few other students or just 1 rooms flat with 1 neighbor but I'm ready to look any options.


Hallo Peps

My name is Thomas, I'm 24 and from Denmark and am going to follow the first semester of the master program "Control engineering" at La Sapienza from september to january/february.
Like most of you in this thread, I haven't yet found anything to live in down there, but would love to share an appartment or something in Rome preferably close to Via Ariosto, 25 (range around 6 - 8 km) or atleast close to the A line. I am working full time at the moment so my appartment hunt isn't at it's max, but that will change in the near future. Besides that I am hoping to get to know other international and nation students in Rome to hang out with and I really hope to find some people who are up for seeing Italy, I expect to pack my car and drive dowm to Rome in the first week of september and use the time before the 21st to see the city and the area around Rome.

And yeaaa, to follow the lead, I of course speak Danish, English some German (hopefully I won't need that to much) and I can order two cups of coffee or wine on italian! :P

have a good summer ! :)

Hello! I'm a student from Porto, Portugal and i'm going to Rome, to the Università europea di Roma on the second semester! I'm going with another friend, we are students of Psicologhy.

If there's anyone interested in share a room or a house with us, please contact me :)

Hey guys!

My name is Teresa. I am from Madrid but have studied in the US. I just graduated from college and I am starting an internship in Rome in September. Looking for students or young professionals to hang out with!!

I don´t know anyone in Rome yet and would love to make friends :) would love to meet anyone who´s on the same boat 

Hi I am Samuel!!

I am Spanish guy. I come from Lleida and i'm 23 years old. I am friendly, happy and partyboy. I would like to meet pople of other countries an cultures. 

I am also looking for friendly and open people to share a flat or give me advice of any rasidence that are good in Rome.

Write me if yu want. :))))


My name is Elia, I'm 21 and I'm studing teaching education.

The next year I will study at LUMSA University (Rome) and I want to meet people from another countries and cultures. 

I'm try to contact to other students who would be interested in sharing a flat or students who have already accomodation and they have a free room. 

I love travel, I don't have pets and I don't smoking. 

write me if you are interested :)


Hey everyone, i am Femi from Nigeria, currently based in England. I'm going to Rome Business School this October for my masters degree.  I am interested in meeting new people from different countries and opened to learning about different cultures.  I also want to learn Italian language.  I am currently looking for an accomodation somewhere close to Rome Business School.  Feel free to message me :)

Hi! Im Josefina, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I will be studying in Rome the next year. I ll arrive September 13. Im looking for accomodation, a shared appartment near Line A.

It will be a pleasure to meet you soon!

My name is Thomas,
I’m a french student and i come in Roma for 6month/1year to finish my master’s degree in Communication

I need to find a room in an appartement / house or to share a flat !
My wish is to share a nice appartement with nice people
I start my course on the middle of October , so i would prefer to come one or two weeks before , so at the beggining of the month (in 10 days)

I am hoping to get to know other international and nation students in Rome to hang out with !



My name is Vishal Dadhich. I am an Erasmus Mundus student. I will be attending my second semester at La Sapienza University di Rome (from Feb 2017 to July 2017).

I am looking for accommodation(shared apartment with single room) nearby the university.

Contact me if you need any further information



We are 3 girls, two from Spain and one from France and we are looking to another flat mate for the second semester! We would like to share the flat with an italian but we  are also looking for people who is not from our countries to improve our Italian or English. If there are any interested please do not hesitate in contact with me!

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