Erasmus Rome 2016 / 2017 (English)

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Welcome to the forum for Erasmus Rome 2016 / 2017!

This is the place where Erasmus students, or any exchange students, that are headed for Rome in 2016 / 2017 can introduce themselves and get to know one another before they arrive. Introduce yourself to the forum and ask any questions you may have about the city, the University, where to stay, where to eat, the prices and cost of living in Rome, places for Erasmus parties or any other question you may habe. Here you can also find:

Warning! If you want to advertise an accommodation or your are looking for one... the forum is not the place for doing that. In order to advertise your accommodation in Rome or in order to find roommates don’t use this forum, go to the accommodation section of Rome.

Livin' la vida Erasmus!


I'm an Astronomy student from University of Porto and I'm going to Sapienza on the 2nd semester of 2016/2017.

I'm looking for acommodation. Maybe a room, a shared room... anything cheap!

If anyone is interested or has any offer, please tell me.

Thanks! :D

Hi, I m Abdullah from Bangkok, Thailand, Now studying in Sakarya university, Turkey , I will go to Sapuenza University of Rome as erasmus exchange program on September 2016 and now currntly finding acomodation near university if anyone know, please lets me know - Thank you- 

nice to meet you everyone 



Am Tosin from Nigeria. doing my masters degree at Rome Business School from March 2016 to March 2017. Who cares to have fun?

Hey guys! I'm Victoria, from Madrid. I'll study Tourism in Roma all the next year in Tor Vergata, and I want to meet people from another countries and cultures. 

And, as an idea, we can all make a Whatspp group, so we can know or help eachothers!

You can write me if you want or if you are interested, bye!

Hi everyone!

My name is Alfredo Pérez, and I'll do an Erasmus in La Sapienza the second semester 2016/2017.

I study nursing at the University of Alicante (Spain) and I'll do a practicum period in a hospita near Rome.


Hi everyone :)

My name is Micaela and like you I am going to study in Rome next year. I am looking for people to share a flat.

I am half brazilian half Italian but I grew up in the french part of Switzerland. I am traveling in Asia since 9 months and next year is time to go back to the studies at John Cabot University in social sciences.

write me if you are interested :)


Hi guys!!

I'm attending university in Rome next year, at LUMSA =D

Hi everyone !!

I'm a french girl studying Psychology in Poitiers, next year i'm going to La Lumsa!

If somebody is in my case, it can be cool to take contact before next year :)

(Is someone knows if there are students residences in Roma ? Because a lot of people told me that it doesn't exit there !)

Good luck to everyone and see you sooon !

Hi there! I am a Spanish student going to LUMSA next year during the first semester. I am rather lost and would really appreciate contacting with other students in my case, so we can share doubts and excitement too! I  don't know yet which kind of accomodation I will choose so we could share our views on it too. Good luck everybody and see you soon!!!

Hi everyone! My name is Laura and I'm a Latvian student studying languages and culture. I will study at the Roma Tre university during the year 2016/2017. If there is anyone who'll also study at Roma Tre - feel free to contact me as most people here are going to La Sapienza or La Lumsa (of course you can contact me if you go to these universities too)! I will spend both semesters in Rome so it would be fun to make some new contacts and friends to hang out with! I also think that it would be so much more enjoyable to explore Rome together with someone instead of wandering around alone :D

I will also need a room starting from September 2016, preferably somewhere in Ostiense or Garbatella, so if you have a good offer or you want to be roommates - message me!

I speak fluent English, Russian and a little Swedish (and Latvian of course).

Good luck and see you in Rome!

Hi everyone! 

My name is Leonie and I'm 20 years old from Switzerland. I will be an exchange student at Roma Tre during the whole academic year. To describe myself I would say I'm an open-minded, friendly and fun-loving person. 

I hope to meet a lot of new people in Rome and that we all will have a happy experience in Italy. 

Looking forward to Rome! See you all :)

Hi everyone!

My name is Ezgi and I'm 20 years old from Turkey.
I study on English Language and Literature at Akdeniz University in Antalya, Turkey.
I will come to Tor Vergata University during 2016-2017 Autumn semester as an Erasmus+ student.
I speak Spanish at A2 level.

I'm a responsible, friendly and open-minded person.
I hope to meet new people and i would like to learn your culture :))

I try to find a room or dormitory.

If you are interested, please contact me! :)

See you :))

Hey everyone!

I'm Minta from Finland and I will stay in italy for this summer (June-august) I'm looking for a place to stay =) And also new people to meet! Contact me =)

Hi everyone!

I'm Mariapaola I will leave my room in Rome ( near the metro B conca d'oro) from September to February. It's a single room in apartment with other three single rooms, kitchen, a bathroom and a big terrace. If someone is interest please contact me. Only girls.  I hope you will have fun in Italy! byee 


My name is Pedro, I'm from Lisbon and I'm 22 years old. I will study Economics at first semester in Tor Vergata.

I hope to meet many people from different countries and have lots of fun.

Feel free to contact me if you want to!!


 Hey I'm Belén from Chile I will study the next semester at Tor Vergata university I'm interested in meet people how are going to the same university so we can help each other !

Hi everyone! I'm Pablo from sunny Tenerife, Spain. I will spending a semester (from september to january/february) at Tor Vergata School of Economics. I'm looking for fellow Erasmus/International students to share information about the destination and maybe potential flatmates too! As the uni is located on the outskirts of Rome I would like to get in touch with people also going to Rome II Tor Vergata University. Feel free to drop me a line (pablo.rlopez1) on the mail service starting by g  [also fb]. I'm an easy-going lad and I can't wait to explore Rome and Italy.

Hasta pronto!


Hey Guys, I'm Sadef from Bangalore, India. I'll be moving to Rome for a minimum of 2 years for my masters at La Sapienza Universita di Roma which commences in September of this year. I'm looking for a flatmate and just to meet new people and to hang out with. Leave me a message if you're looking for a friend too. See ya!

Hi. I'm 21 from England, currently studying at the London College of Music. I will be studying at the St Louis College of Music from September and am looking for a flatmate and accomdation. If anyone is interested, message me and we can organise something together!

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