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Erasmus London 2014 / 2015 (English)

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Hello! I'm Anna from Barcelona, Spain. I am coming to London from April to July 2015 to work as an Erasmus Traineeship in IKEA. Nice to meet you :)

Hi ! I'm Maria and I'm 22 years old , I'm moving to London the 10th of January until the 10th of April , I'll be studying at central saint martins , it would be nice to know someone there when I arrive ! How's been your experience there ?

Thank you 

Maria :) 

Hello! I am Esteban from  Spain and I'm 23.  I'll moving to London the second week of April, and will be there until the last week of June. I'll be doing my studies practices in central London. It would be great being in contact with someone who is in the same situation.

Thank you!  :D

Hey! Anyone here going to KINGSTON UNIVERSITY LONDON in September?! :)

Zeigt 21-24 von 24 Einträge

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