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Erasmus Krakow 2012 / 2013 (English)

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If you are looking for a nice place to stay in Krakow, I truly recommend Lemon Hostel, Westerplatte 8/1 street. The place is very cheap, cosy, calm, and the location is perfect - in the heart of Krakow - the city centre. Stuff there is friendly and super helpful :) here is the website, prices are for regular guests, whereas for people wishing to stay much longer, there are special offers and nice discounts, you just have to call and ask for details :) enjoy! Hope you all find it cool! the addres is : lemonhostel.pl   

Hi !

check out my ad http://erasmusu.com/en/erasmus-krakow/university-dorm/large-room-in-centrum-of-cracow-for-one-or-2-students-girls-121518

Hello, I have a nice flat (40m2) to rent in the city center, please take a look nad contact me if interested: http://erasmusu.com/en/erasmus-krakow/student-flat-rent/one-room-but-quite-big-flat-40m2-with-kitchen-to-rent-from-now-125149

The room is big enough to accomodate three persons!


Hey Guys!

Anyone looking for a place to stay? We have an awesome room to rent, in the center of Krakow - just by the Wawel Castle, Bernardyńska street (5 mins walk to the market square and also 5 to Kazimierz). Its a really nice room, with a big bed, fully furnished.

The whole flat is about 100 square meters, with 2 other rooms, a kitchen, 2 balconies, a bathroom and a toilet - it is furnished with everything you need: an oven, fridge, wasching machine.. and we have WiFi of course!

If you want to get some more details/pictures etc, please contact me via Facebook (Dominika Janowicz -  http://www.facebook.com/dominika.janowicz

Hey. We’re lookin for two people (girls or boys or girl/boy) to one big room in our flat in Krakow on Grazyny street (few minutes to the city center by bus + 10 minutes walking to the bus stop). Exchange students are very welcome (actually we're living with 2 taiwanese girls, but they're staying with us till end of january).

Flat is really nice, 70m2, 3 rooms, bathroom (with washing mashine), shower, balcony, kitchen with full equipment.

Price is 500 zlotys + media per month for one person (in euro not more than 160 per person).

We’re lookin for responsible, honest and not very messy people ;)

We’re two students, 24 years old. One of us ph.d, another work + studying.

for contact: http://www.facebook.com/rflklich

edit: hey,right now we're lookin for one girl, who is ok with sharing room with another girl :)



Hello guys ! Is there somebody from France or Italy ?

I just arrived in Krakow and I don't know anyone !

You can add me or write me a mail on fb.


Here's a Psychology student from barcelona who will be in the jagiellonian university next course 2013-2014. I am looking for some students that can help me filling my learning agreement because I still don't know anything about the subjects of Psychology in the jagiellonian university.

There is a facebook group if for you is more confortable to follow all the information.

In case you want to contact me, I'm in facebook Ana PC, so anyone who wants to contact me to help each other with all the erasmus stuff is welcome!

Thank you!

Hello everybody,
I'm 23 years student in Jagiellonian University. I live in the center of Krakow and recently came back from erasmus exchange in France. I know how hard it is to start life in completely new city, so if anybody of you would need any help just please mail me, and I would be more than happy to help. I can show you the city, get you from the airport, or just give you some information by mail about living in Krakow.
Krakow is great city, with plenty of opportunities to have great fun.
My mail - piotr.bossowski(monkey)wp.pl
see you in krakow

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