Master in Communication Design

Escola Superior de Artes e Design (ESAD)

Program description

The Master's Degree in Communication Design encourages students to address the elements that constitute contemporary visual communication and its broader role in society with a critical eye. The course specially emphasizes practical design, supported by a theoretical and contextual study where clear research methodologies are used. It also enables students to engage in a deeper level of understanding communication and ideas, and develop an independent personal project-oriented research of these principles and apply them to significant and effective results.

Students who attend the course will have different backgrounds. We expect to have graphic designers, illustrators, web designers, design teachers, art directors, creative directors, architects and historians of art and design among the applicants. The common features to all students who attend the course is their effort to explore graphic design, how they convey the ideas and values, and their desire to know more about the area they chose.

This Master's Degree seeks to promote the value and the role of design in society, which is to provide students with the creative, analytical and communication skills required to allow them to grow and deal with change working in future environments with confidence and knowledge to question the prevailing orthodoxies in the a graphic design career. The body of teachers embodies the competence and knowledge of the best national and international designers, granting this collective institution the ability to offer a course with the most relevant and extensive experiences, ideas and practices.

In recent years, the Master in Communication Design brought to ESAD prestigious national and international designers to share their experience, processes and methodologies with teachers and students. Names like Jessica Helfand, Andew Haslam, Roderick Mills, Geroge Hardie, P. G. Howlin, Russel Bestley, Miguel A. Valdívia, Ariene Spanier, Paul McNeil, Ronnie Fueglister, Andy Altman, Rejane dal Bello, among others.

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