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erasmus 2012/2013

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Salut Juliette!!!

J'ai deja parlé avec les autres filles avant ;)

Ca va?

je suis a Paris en ce moment ou je fais mon stage et je serai a valladolid en Septembre aussi!! :)

j'espere qu'on va toutes se voir une fois a Valladolid!!

bisouuus :)

j'ai oublié de dire que je vais etudier dans la faculdad de la filologia y letras et je vais y rester juste pour un semestre :(

add me on facebook! :)

Hi girls :))

My name is Barbora and I  am from Slovakia. I study Law and  I will be in Valladolid for winter semester. I want to find some accomodation and get to know some people before my arrival :))) I hope we will meet there :)...and if you are looking for flatmate add me on facebook :) 

Hey!!! I'm Claudia, I'm from Italy (even if I'm not 100% italian :) ) and i m going to study communication for 9 months. I booked my flight two min ago, I'm so happy!!!!!!! If you will arrive in september we will definitely meet at DÍA DE ORIENTACIÓN :D. concerning the accomodation the uni contacted me saying they have reserved me a room, but I didn't accept it 'cause I want to see it before. :D But don't worry the uni and ESN office they will help us for sure! :) ps: nice to meet you!! add me on fb if you want 'cause I can't find you :)

Very nice to meet you :)) I hope that we will have the best time :)  ....i added you on facebook :))) 

Hi Barbora!! nice to meet you :) I'm Monika and I'm from Poland but I'm studying and living in Ireland! we will definately meet in Valladolid!! I got accomodation from the university too and I think i will accept it because I don't want to look for it when I'm there, too stressful!! we should all keep in touch and meet in Valladolid!!!

Hi girlzzz!!

My name is Marie-Rose, I'm 22 and I'm from Toulouse in France.

I will start studying in Valladolid from September to February!!! I'm so happy to meet new people :)

I'm looking for a flat close to the university, if you already have a good plan, let me know, I'm in! ;)

Please add me on Facebook (Mary Roz )

See u in Valladolid!! xxx

Hi Mary, nice to meet you. It will be great to see you guys there :) I'm also looking for a flat...I've chosen the international office help me searching housing. And we will see...:)


I'm Elina and will be studying in Valladolid also in September, but only till February, because I have to go to Germany afterwards. I'm really nervous, haven't been to Spain and Spanish isn't that good either. I will be studying at UEMC Valladolid. How will you look for accommodation there? ahhh, so nervous. I'm studying Spanish, German with business and management in the UK, but originally I come from a small, but lovely country-Latvia :)

Hi Elina! I'm Claudia and I'll be studying in Valladolid as well. Don't worry about your Spanish, you are in a good company..I don't know anything other than Hola que tal, chica y adios LOL :D. Concerning the accomodation, I will look for a room as soon as I get there, that will be on 11september.

Hey Claudia :)

haha, I know exactly the same things, that's why I am worried about how I will get a place to live if I can't speak the language. Oh, that's nice. I haven't booked the tickets yet, but I'm thinking of going there on the 15th September. So hope I will meet you there :)

The first thing I will do as soon as I get there is to go to the erasmus office and then to the ESN one. I've heard they help you with the accomodation: there is a sort of tutor who goes with you to see the rooms and to talk to the owner, so don't worry about the language. Obviously we will meet there. add me on fb if you want.. :)

Heey :) Nice to meet you Elina :)) I was also stressed out because of the accomodation, language and everything, but  don't  will be a little bit difficult at the beginnig but i heard from my friends that later everything will be great...

I hope that we'll have the best time . See you there :) 

Hey girls! There's more and more of us, it's going to be mega fun, I can't wait to meet you all! :) Barbora, Elina, Mary, nice to meet you, my name is Anna and I study cultural studies in Poznań, Poland. My Spanish is so bad, it doesn't exist ,so don't worry about this, you won't be alone, Elina. You can add me on facebook: Ania Rogos. Claudia, you seem to be so well-informed, do you know when is the DÍA DE ORIENTACIÓN? ;) And do you apply to the spanish course? Does anyone know when it starts? I'm a bit upsent minded and disorganised, so I'm so glad to know you all, haha ;)

Ahahahah Ms. Fatima from the erasmus office send us an e-mail with some info, there i read that the dìa de orientacion will be on  25th september at11am at Paraninfo del Palacio de Congresos “Conde Ansúrez” (Calle Real de Burgos, s/n Valladolid, detrás de la Casa del Estudiante). Concerning the spanish course I didn't apply for it, 'cause it costs quite 300euros.. soI will learn it there :D it's similar to italiaan so..

THX Claudia! Yes, I guess you won't have that much troubles with the language ;)

uups, I ment trouble :)

You're welcome y no pasa nada!!! :D

Thanks Ania, you make me feel a bit better about the Spanish part :) I am excited, but at the same time worried. 

And I'm guessing you all will go to the University of Valladolid? meaning the main one, because I'm going to the UEMC one, well the smaller and the private one. But I shall see you anyway :)

Oh and Claudia, do you have the same picture on fb as you have here? I can't seem to find you...

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