Erasmus Toulon 2012 / 2013 (English)

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Ehy Celine!no worries we met kevin there and it was nice..unfortunatelly tonight I'll be home cause tomorrow I start working at 7 but I'll see u on wednesday at the meeting I hope!

Laura todo el mundo aca se encuentra en un pequeno pub en La garde cada miercoles...en cuanto me digan cuall es de los dos està semana te avisaré..para ir por ahì tienes qué coger el bus 29 y pararte en "La Garde centre" todas formas te avisaré en estos dias!

Gracias Francesco

Laura el encuentro es en e AFTERWORK 15 Avenue Baptistin Autran 83130 La Garde a partir de las 8 y media...nos vemos por allì este miercoles!

hola!! el año que viene yo tambien voy a toulon! à l universite de toulon du sud!!(la garde) como se esta por alli?=)

hello, my name's laura and i'm gonna study in toulon this sping semester. i'll stay until june. anybody else in toulon at the moment?

Hi Laura!

Yeah we still are some here! When are you planning to come?  I can keep you in touch for the next erasmus meeting if you want!

Actually, I arrived already. I would love to join the next meeting!! :)

Hey guys, my name is Urban and I am from Slovenia. I am deciding about going to Euromed Management Toulon next year in summer semester but hardly found any useful information from other students. I will appreciate if anyone can tell me shortly about how is life there and how are costs (how much to expect to spend approximately by month)?   I´ll be really happy to hear any usefull information, Thanks!!

Hi! I'm an Italian student from Pisa and i'm going to studying in Toulon for a full year; i study law. I  would like to know some other student who will be in Toulon in September and exchanging information on the city and on the accommodation and make friends. Thanks!

Hey I´ll be there in Toulon if you can help me with a single problem :

how can I find out what courses are proposed and espacially about the content of the courses ?

I am really stressed because i can´t fill out my learning agreement for my application :(

A mostrar 21-30 de 30 entradas

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