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Erasmus Zaragoza 2013 / 2014 (English)

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Hola a todos! I'm 21, and studying Industrial Engineering in Istanbul/TURKEY. 

I will study at the Campus Rio Ebro for 2013-2014 academic year and I will live in Zaragoza for 11 months. I am looking for a shared flat in the city center. Rooms which are close to public transportation stations prefered. I also prefer to have individual bathroom. My date of arrival at the city is 14 of August. I would like to get offers. You all can contact me via private message! 

hi everyone! 
I am Nur(20 y.o) from İstanbul. I'll be in Zaragoza for second semester with erasmus programme. I am studying at English language teaching department. I would like to share a flat near the university, with a friend. and ı really glad to meet new people and have fun :)  u can contact with me.. see ya :)

Hi guys, my name is Ted and I will also be studying at the uni of Zaragoza in the department of Filosofia y Letras from September to February.  I have been on the accomodation forum and spoken to some people about accommodation, but have not sorted anything yet so if anyone is looking for someone to share with and has a place in mind then let me know.  I know Shannon from Nottingham Uni, and it is is nice to meet the rest of you all!  I am originally from near Manchester in England and study Spanish and German. Look forward to meeting you all sometime soon! 

Hi guys!

My name is Mélanie, I'm French and I'm gonna study in Zaragoza from September 2013, at the "Universidad San Jorge", is anyone else going to study here, or I'm the only one ? :/

I would like to meet people (Erasmus or just students =D), so if you want to talk with me, don't hesitate =))

Nice to meet you all =))

Byeee !!

Hola! I am pleased to know you all =) i haven't find an accomodation yet, probably i will stay in an hostel for a couple of days and than search "live" haha

me too :P
somebody said me go to 'albergue de zaragoza' or 'baltasar gracian'they are the cheapest ones and all erasmus go there in the first days .

I think it is good idea ;]

Hi guys!! I was looking for erasmus students and I have seen this foro. Some of you is interested in improve your spanish? I would like to exchanges my spanish for english and if you want I could show you the city. I was born here so I know every single place.

If you are interested tell me something.


Hello everyone! :)

My name is Tracey, I'm 26 years old from Ireland. Me and my friend Emma will be going to attend the University of Zaragoza for second semester in January 2014 so would love to get to know a few people before we get there! Also if anyone here is doing a Business/Economics/Management course could you advise us on what subjects you are picking to do! 

Thanks and see you soon :)

Hey I am Angela Munoz and I am 20 and I am living on Paseo Maria agustin from September until December. I am from England. Anybody else arrived in Zarragoza yet and we could meet up and go out?


Hi!! I am a Spanish woman, and I am looking for an English teachers for my sons, they are 16 and 18. If anyone is interested, please you can contact with me 

Thank you very much,



My name is Jose, I spent one year as erasmus in Prague 2006-2007, and I'm really interested in finding somebody in order to practice english.

I'm keen on traveling. I have lived in differents countries, Czech Republic, Uruguay, The Uk...

Don't hesitate to contact me in order to exchange time speaking english for time speaking spanish!

My name is Sabrina Pérez, if you are looking for an acomodation, you are maybe interested in this apartment.

HI guys!!

I'm a Phd student in Zaragoza, I'm looking for a English native speaker (UK, Sweden Netherland Denmark,)  to share a flat with, to practice both English and Spanish.

If you want to take advantage of your time in Zaragoza and improving your Spanish, feel free to contact me!!

hi everyone ;

I am feyza. I ll be there in the second semester too to study english philology. we would like to share a flat then and meet new people with my friend. hope I  see you all. :) :)

Hi everyone!

Im a 3rd year journalism student from Finland, I'm going to be in Zaragoza from January 2014 to July 2014.

Is anyone else going to study in San Jorge univeristy? Is it better to live in Zaragoza city or in campus? I have many questions about the school and the city, so message me if you have knowledge from one or the other!

I also snow-, skate-, and wakeboard, so I would love to know about the facilities for those in Zaragoza!

Hello, I'm a Spanish guy looking for info about Spanish courses in Zaragoza. Can you recommend me anyone? Maybe you're taking one or about to start taking one, so I'll be glad if someone help me a little. It's for a friend a mine, she'd need a course of a week in a good academy.

In exchange I can help you with some info about the city or anything, I'm from Zaragoza.

Good luck!

hi everyone.I am zafer from turkey.Do you know what languages talks at universty at zaragoza is?

Hi guys! I am an Italian student that yet is in Zaragoza! About February in my flat there will be a free room! We are three guys: me (italian) and two spanish boys!

here is the link where you can find some photos too:

If you are interested you can contact me! bye!

P.S. Zafer, here all the courses are in spanish ;)

Hi everyone,

I am a greek student coming in Zaragosa for the 2nd Semester  20th january 2014 to june 2014 at san Jorge university.I am very happy and I am looking forward meeting you all, so feel free to contact me.Also i would like to find accomodation(nicolas your reply is tempting but it is for february and I coming 20th january so I think it's a bit tricky)anyway if anyone could help me pls contact me or reply here thx!!!

Hi everyone,

I'm 23 years old erasmus student from beautiful Greece and i will come in Zaragoza for my studies. I'm looking for a apartment or room, near Universidad San Francisco. i'll be there from 22 January (in 10 days) and I need help:)

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