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Erasmus Ljubljana 2016 / 2017 (English)

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   Hi everyone :)

  My name is Burak. My department is engineering. I will be in Ljubljana for the winter semester. I will stay in dormitory. According to your messages, there is no person who wants to stay in dormitory without me :)

   I am looking forward to meet all of you...

   See you soon...



I'm Elena. I'm form Cartagena, Spain.

I'm going to do a traineeship in Ljubljana for the first term.


Hi ! 

Im Andreja,I am from Split,Croatia.I am coming to Ljubljana as an exchange student at the Art Academy,painting department and I am still trying to find a place to stay.If anyone wants to share a flat please contact me! 

See you :)

Hi everyone, 

My name is Adriano and I'm political sciences student: I'm looking for a shared apartment with private room, possibily near Lj center in order to have a funny "after-study" life, for the next spring semester.

I have no preferences for my roommates.. uhm, if he/she is a good cook i'm so happy! I  cook very well too!

Let me know guys!

Hello everyone ! 

I am raphael i am from france and i'll be in ljubljana during the second semester and i would like to know if someone has informations or plans for an appartment or a studio that could be shared with other students ! hope to meet many of you there ! send me a message if you are interested in living with other  foreign students ! 

kissss bisous les amis 


My name is Elena. I'm from Cartagena, Spain.

I am doing practices in the National institute of biology near Roznik and Biothecniska faculteta.

If you want to make an idea about living in Ljubljana you can follow my youtube's channel:

See you

Good luck looking for an accomodation



Hello! My name is Clara and I am from Murcia, Spain. In February and March I will do school practices in one school of Ljubliana with one of my friends , and we are looking for an apartment to share. If anyone wants to share with my friend and me , please contact me!

Hi!! My name it's Joana, and I will be in Ljubjana from February to June, i'm looking for a room in a shared flat with other erasmus students! Feel free to say something!!

Thank you!!

¡Hola! Mi nombre es Macarena y durante los meses de junio y julio de este año estaré haciendo unas prácticas en el Instituto Jozef Stefan de Liubliana. Aunque voy a estar poquito tiempo, me gustaría poder conocer gente con quien salir y hacer un poco de turismo por el país. 

Hello! My name is Macarena and from May to July this year I'll be doing an intership in the Jozef Stefan Institute of Ljubljana. Although I'm staying for a short period I'd love to meet people with whom going out and going sightseeing along the country.

Hi!! My name it's Benjamin, and I'm working In novo mesto for 3months from May to July, i'm here for meet an others foreign students and do more knowledge. You could contact me on social network ; don't hesitate.

Thank you!!

A mostrar 21-30 de 30 entradas

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