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Erasmus Student Las Palmas Gran Canaria 2017/2018

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Hey, I'm a Portuguese nursing student (from Lisbon) and I'm going to spend 4 months in Las Palmas next year.

I'm kind of lost about how much money I'll be spending, the residence prices, best places to visit in the island, transport options, and how to meet other students that will be there as well!

If there's anything you could help me with, please do :)

hey, I'm a student from Las Palmas. 

First of all, if you are gonna live here this is so so so so so cheap. I mean like, a flat could cost about 150-200 euros. Then the food is cheap too. 

The residence is not cheap. In my opinion is a bad idea get there, because you can live in a flat for less money.

About the places, this island is a paradise. The winter doesn't exist here... haha. It's so beautiful and can see all meanwhile you will be here.

The transport is so cheap too. The buss bonus is like 80 euros. (I don't know what campus you're going, but anyway is the same.)

About your last question, here the peope is so social, I mean even the people of your class. So I'm sure you will come to ULPGC with a erasmus group. Don't worry about it.

I hope you enjoy it.  


I am looking for babysister for my children 10 and 3 years old. (for hours)

A mostrar 1-3 de 3 entradas


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