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Erasmus Tours 2012 / 2013 (English)

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Thank you, Monika!

I have also get an email Daniel Pangnarind, who offer me an apartment. I was thinking to send an email until l saw this mail, and l learned that he is cheater. I think he send many e mail to erasmus students so everyone should be careful to Daniel Pangnarind message.

Carefull it s could be hard to rent a flagt in tours, because all the students find their flat since the end of june after the examens! so try to contact by (it s quiet a good website to find a flat). Other thing, chose your flat in center of the city.. because it s not funny at all to take bus by night to go back home. I never done that because i lived with my parents their, but i have known some erasmus students who lived outside of the city and it wasn't as great as they thought!

From a veritable Tourangelle 

Hi guys!
I'm Valerio, an italian student from Naples and I'm studying foreign languages in Tours for my Erasmus period in September.
I applied for the university residences and yesterday they answered me back saying the only residences left were in the Grandmont zone.
As far as I know the University is in the city centre, so if I accept the residence I'll have to travel everyday, probably by bus.
Do you think that could be a problem? Do you know what time is the last bus in the evening?
Thank you!

Hi guys! I received a mail that says that university accepted me!!! :D I'm very happy, the first step is gone. Me too I received a mail from Daniel for the accomodation but I didn't answer him.

For the accomodation tha mail says that for residence they will tell us something on the middle of June, but if you Valerio have already this news it's better I think to look for a private accomodation.

Hi everyone!

 if you have a still accomodation I can suggest you a few  internet adress and blog  to find a place to stay.



The university accepted me too :o) And I get a room in Grandmont. (but they think that I am from Germany. I don't know why :P ) I think travelling by bus is not a very big problem, but I really would like to find a webpage about the public transport in Tours. Do anybody know anything about it? :)

Chers :)

Here you can find the old timetables. It seems like there are no buses after 9.00 p.m. :/

Thank you Valerio! It's sad, that there are no buses after 9 pm. I think I am going to walk a lot at night... :D

According to Google maps it's 1 hour 15 minutes by foot. I think it's very limiting living in an accomodation so far from the city centre... without even a bus that can take you home at night! :(
On the other hand I was really looking forward to living in a university residence, with many students and lots of opportunity to speak French! Moreover, it's cheaper! .-.

I don't really know what to do!

I'm sorry, I was wrong!
I asked an italian guy who was in Tours last year and he said there are also night buses, but the last one is at 1.30 a.m.

Hi everybody! I recived a mail that says the Saint Symphorien residence accepted me. Do you know something about this residence? Is someone else accepted there? 

Thank you :)

Hi everyone,

I'm coming to Tours in September for 1st semester and l'université francois rabelais too. I am also keen to know more about accomodation and other advice as i'm quite nervous!


Is there anyone who would like to share a flat in the centre of Tours?? 

Hi guys! I am a Spanish student who is also going to Tours for an exchange year. I'd like to share a flat in centre of Tours since I'll be attending the university François Rabelais at  rue des Tanneurs. I am alrealdy looking for accommodation , though I havent found anything yet.

If you find anything, let me know. I'll keep on looking for it!

Regards !






is anyone not happy with his/her academic residence.. Anyone willing to rent an appartment in town?

Waiting for your answers


Hi everyone! I'm a Spanish guy moving to Tours next year in order to study French, English, Spanish and German in François Rabelias university... it's not my first time in there, I've been already going there for 4 years, so I know the city... I'm looking for room mates! Add me on Facebook if you are interested! Facebook: Jesús Marnes


Hi guys, we are going to meet at Place Plumereau on September 7th, as a first oppurtunity to get to know each other.
You are all invited! Hope to see you there ;)

The facebook event is called "Rendez Vous Place Plume - Guinguette"


Hi guys, I was wondering if you could help me/give some advice. I arrived today and found out that my university residency (Technopole) is literally in the middle of the nowhere, the last bus leaves around 8 and obviously that is not how I want my Erasmus to look like. Does anyone know if it is possible to resign from the residency? Also if you know anything about anyone looking for roommates please ket me know!

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