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cozy shared appartement in the center

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Hello! There is an open wide and sunny room in my appartement, in the heart of Thessaloniki for a lucky person to live with my best friend.. I'm leaving for erasmus during the winter semester and that's the period we're looking for somebody to move in.. The house is quite big (living room, kitchen and balcony with nive view), full furnished and ten minutes away from the universities-walking distance. 

The rent for each roomate is 195 euros, plus some 50-80 for the bills, depending which month...

I'd be glad to give more details, send pictures and talk to anyone interested for the period september to don't hesitate to contact! 


i'm writting from Rome!!! Nice to meet to you...I will be in Thessalonika for Erasmus from the end of september and, i'm looking for a room!!! I hope the room is available ... I'm a lucky person :) 

Thanks a lot 

hello, I 'm going to Thessaloniki in September, and also sought an apartment there, what you 've found ? I am Spanish


εια σου! Θα έρθω Θεσσαλονίκη για Εράσμους το επόμενο εξάμηνο, είμαι στη πόλη τώρα για να βρω δωμάτιο! Μπορούμε να συναντηθούμε και σήμερα ή αύριο αν θες! Ο ελληνικός αριθμός μου είναι 44455166... :)

Pokazuje 1-4 z 4 wejść


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