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Erasmus Vienna 2012 / 2013 (English)

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Hi, I'm also interested in renting a flat together with other Erasmus students.

people interested in renting a flat with erasmus students can add me on facebook.!/benan.sahin.5

Hi ! For information, there is a facebook group : "International Erasmus Wien 2012/2013"

Hi ! For information there is a facebook group : "International Erasmus Wien 2012/2013"

hi everyone! i will be in vienna between september and february. i am looking for a place,.if possible, i want to find a room. since i am going to study architecture in tu wien, a closer and cheaper than 400 euro will be perfect! 

Hi everyone!

I'm french and I'm going to Vienna for study at Boku from october to february. I'm calm, nice, tidy and nonsmoker. I like going out for a drink, do shopping,cooking for share a good meal around a table. I'm searching roomate(s) open-minded with who discover the city, the culture and spend a good staying.

If you want more informations about me, don't esitate to add me on facebook, it will easier



My name is Greta, I will be doing Erasmus internship in Vienna from 24 of September to 24 of December. I want to rent a room or studio appartment for 3 months from 24 September or from 1 October.

I am also interested to meer other international students who are searching for a place to live for similar period. We can join and search for a whole flat together!

I am very friendly and cheerful, I like travelling and meeting new people. I did Erasmus and some other exhange programmes where I was living in a flat with other students. I really enjoyed this experiance. I am clean, I don’t smoke and I like cooking for other people. I speak English, some French and Italian.

skype me if you are interested: manijike

Hello everybody, I think I'm going to TU wien university for second semester of next year. I'm studying computer science here in Italy, if you are going to wien please contact me :)

Hi, I will in Vienna for the entire year studying at WU. Anyone living in Tigergasse?

ill be there from jan to march doing radiography, cant wait!!



I am going to study at BOKU in winter semestr. I haven´t found accommodation yet. Is there someone who are looking for flatmate???? :-)


Many thanks to your reply. You can find me on FB like "Ivka Nesrstová"


See you in Vienna .)

merhaba ben viyana üniversitesi için başvuru formuna ihtiyacım var acilen olan biri bana yardımcı olabilirmi lütfen 

i'm Magda and i'm going to study at BOKU from October to February. but still don't have a place to  during my stay in Vienna. if you know anything about free rooms, dorm or any place with bed and hot wather, where I could spend this time, feel free to write to me or find on FB :)


I'm just thinking about going on erasmus to Vienna next year but I don't know if it's possible to study in english there. Is it? 

Thanks in advance for your reply.

I really need housing and am willing to pay a deposit upon arrival on September 18th. A room under 400 euro!

Mein Name ist China. Ich brauche Unterbringen in Wien vom September 2012 zum Juni 2013. Ich bin eine Frau. Ich bin sehr ordentlich und ich mag auch Ruhe. Ich werde zu WU gehen. Ich bin auch ein Umtauschstudent. Ich komme in Wien um den 18th von September an. Ich würde wirklich erhaltenen Gehäuse schätzen. Ich bin momentan in Amerika und ich werde in Wien bis 18th September nicht sein. Gibt es noch einen Weg, Gehäuse zu erhalten? Vielen Dank!!!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen!
China Thomas

Hi,i will go in Vienna from februar to june in Bodenkultur universitat.Is there anybody who go to vienna the same period?

Hi Ifigeneia! I'm going to Vienna from January to the first week of July to work through Leonardo da Vinci exchange program. Have you find any place to live? I'm in full research but it's becoming a challenge. If you know any place that would be great ;)


hi Antonio,you will work through leonardo da vinci,it is very interesting.    this is a link which you will find perhaps a house to live...i hope i will help you.vienna is a very beautiful city and i would like to discover it..


Hi everybody! Me nad my friend are going to study in Vienna from Feb until July at BOKU. We haven't found accommodation so far and it would be nice if someone has some informations about it!! :D

Anyone staying in Haus Erasmus in second semester?

Resultaat 21-40 van 47 inschrijvingen

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