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Erasmus Madrid 2021 / 2022 (English)

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Hi Estrella, My name is Nick I am from the UK, im looking to meet more people from Spain. If you like we can meet up for some drinks/explore madrid and you can meet some of my international friends here.

Heyy everyone I'm David from Spain. I studied Translation and Interpreting and now I'm moving to Madrid in a couple of weeks to do a masters degree. I'd like to meet international people to hang out with there. Send me a PM if you're interested :) 

Hey!!! I'm Valentina, and I'm also a regular university student here. If you are going to do your Erasmus in Madrid and need some help, I'll be happy to help you :)

Hello,I'm in Madrid looking to meet new people!

Anyone interested in grabbing a beer can DM me?

Hello everyone, my name is Arya and I'm from Turkey! I'm going to study International Relations in UCM!! I will be in Madrid from January 2022 to June 2022! I'm hoping to find some connections here and I think we can all help each other out, since we'll all be in a new country/city :) If I could find a roommate to stay with or just a friend to get through this process together that'd be great!! I hope we all have amazing time in Madrid!

Hey guys I am Spanish and I would like to meet people from all over the world. I study in UC3M and it would be amazing to make plans together. 

Hi, I'm Miriam from Spain, my friends and I are studying at UC3M. We are looking for people to meet, make plans around Madrid and have a good time. Send us a message :)

Hi Miriam, I'd love to gather with new people, I'm down for beach volleyball and other plans!! PM me!

Hey everyone! I'm Victor, I'm 22 years old, and I'm looking to meet new people to party and discover the city and have fun!.

Hi everyone! My name is Francisco and I'm from Portugal. I am studying Marketing and Advertising and I will be studying at ESIC - Business & Marketing School (Madrid) in the second semester of 2021/2022. I am also looking for flatmates to share an apartment.

Looking forward to meeting people who are going in the same period! :)

Hi! I'm Jose from Madrid,

I just ended my Erasmus and I know it's hard to find appartments and not knowing the city and the different questions you might have. I can solve any doubt, possible trips, parties, some areas where it's easier to find an apartment...anything

I really want to help everyone that needs it so please feel free to contact me.

Hi Jose, 
great to see someone speaking english, I'm quite desperate looking for a house in Madrid for my Erasmus Traineeship from 30th October 2021 to 2nd February 2022. I will work at Basurama Studio in Av. de Daroca and although I wouldn't mind using public transport evene for 30 minutes to get there I can't find any house nearby.

I found your post really nice so I thank you in advance, please let me know If you have any tips for me! 

Hello, I'm Diego, and I'm 21 years old. I am currently studying for my bachelor's degree in finance with a double minor in real estate and economics at FAU in the United States. At the beginning of next year, I plan to study at UC3M. I would like to start meeting people so we can make plans to go out. Finally, I'm looking for a room if someone has information or is looking for a roommate please do not hesitate to send a DM. Thank you!

Hey everyone! 

My name is Busa (20 years old) and I am from the US going to UC3M 2nd semester to study biomedical engineering.  I was hoping to find a student accommodation and if anyone would like to find a room together shoot me a message!

If you would like to be friends send me a message too! x 

Hi everyone :) my name is Eve I'm 21 and I currently study business management at Edinburgh Napier. I will be going to UC3M from January til June, and I am hoping to secure an on campus residence however as I've heard they're limited I'm also open to looking for private accomodation with other students who are also looking! Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you are in the same situation or if you want to be friends :) x

Hola, My name is Nicole and Im moving to Getafe, Madrid this January. Im Looking for Friends and roommates. Please send me a message if your in Spain the same time!

Hello, my name is Marta. I am from London and am looking for a place to rent in Madrid (Moncloa area) from late December/early January. My budget is €450-550 p/m inc. bills. 

I will be working as an aux, I enjoy indoor bouldering and climbing, and am easy-going. 

Message me if you have a room available or would like to find a place together. 

Hi everyone! My name is Marvina and I'm Greek going to UAM for the period January-March during Erasmus+ program. I am looking for accomodation near the university and I don't know much information about. Please message me if you could offer some help!!!

Hey my name is Camila, i am from Peru. I'll be studying marketing at UEM and im Looking for Friends and roommates. I don't know anyone in Spain so I'd like to meet some people before I go. Don't hesitate to send me a message :)

Eng. version:

I'm Jennifer, I'm 20, and I am looking for one or more roommates in Madrid. I currently am studying Applied Languages in France, in Lyon more particularly. I am a third-year student, and we have to go to another country for the last semester of the degree. I will be in Madrid from beginning of February until beginning of June (my internship starts on february, 14th, and ends on June, 5th). 
If you want to know more about me and/or you are interested by a possible flat-share, contact me!

Resultaat 41-60 van 67 inschrijvingen

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