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Erasmus Gent 2013 / 2014 (English)

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Hi everybody, I'm Fatih, from Turkey I'm 23 and studying cinema tv and I'm going to study communication in Gent. I will be there on september and I wish I could have friends before going it makes me feel better in a foreign country especially first days. it will be nice to meet new faces and cultures.I hope everything will be ok for all of us.see you soon.


My name is Beki and I am going to Gent for the first semester of the 2013/2014 term (so about 5 months.) I am studying Composition at the Gent Conservatorium. 

It would be great to meet other international students!




My name is Daniel and I'm from Poland. I have a internship in volvo cars Gent, I will stay here from first of june 2013 to end of September 2013. It would be great to get know to other erasmus people.


my name is Tina and I am from Slovenia. I'll be arriving in Gent in September '13 and I plan to stay there for one semester. I study business and economics. Looking forward to new experience :-)

See you soon.


Hi everyone

I my name is Aslı, from Turkey.22 years old.I going to Ghent for the first semester of the 2013/2014 also.I'm studying law.

It would be great to meet other international students.

See you :)


I'm Magda and I'm from Poland. I arrived 2 days ago and going to stay until 6th of September. I'm trainee in Ghent University and would like to know new people! Daniel Wójtowicz - I've read that you are here, so maybe we will meet? Anybody is in Ghent now? ;)

I hope see you! 

Magdo for me it's good idea to meet together, I sent You PM about our meeting, and if someone else is in Gent also may send me some message or put some information here and we will meet all together


I'm Olga and I'm from Poland. I will be in Gent from 20th Sptember 2013 to end of February 2014. I'd like to get know to other erasmus people :)



Hey I am Gonçalo, I am 22 Portuguese Computer Engineering student, I am also looking for an apartment and roomates for the first Semester in ghent.

I have an add here

Contact me through pm

Hyy I am Ivana, Computer Science student from Croatia.

I will be doing my Master's thesis from February til June! 

Looking forward to meet you all :)

Hey all, 

i arrived a couple of days earlier in Gent and would like to know if there are some activities planed to get to know each other ?  I am a student from germany which is doing his Master thesis here in Gent


Hi guys!!

I hope that aupairs have a space here too!!  I am Julio from Madrid and looking for new friends and to know better the city!  I arrived 1 week ago and  think is just the time to find the real Ghant  with wonderfull people and nice parties!


Hi all!

Im Henri from Finland. I will be spending 5 months from February 2014 to June 2014 in Gent studying ICT in Hogeschool Gent!

I'm in for hanging out with other Erasmus students and drinking and all!

Hi everyone! My name is Lucie and i´m from Czech, I'm going to study in the university of Gent (faculty of Arts) next semester, I would like to know about some experiences there and also I need some help to find a place, I would like to share an appartement, if anyone is interested we can find it together! Also I am looking for some people who will be there at the same time:)

Resultaat 21-34 van 34 inschrijvingen

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