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Erasmus Gent 2012 / 2013 (English)

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I'm from Turkey and I will be taking Business Engineering courses at Ghent University from September til February. We are trying to find a flat with my two roommates from Sweden and Spain, and we would be glad if you could help or give any advices about accommodation. 


See you in Ghent!  =)

Hi Merve. I Think it's quite difficult to find three rooms. I'm still trying to find two rooms for me and a friend of mine, but i can find ads only for one room!

Anyway you'd take a look at these websites:

they have english version of the websites

Good Luck! 

Hi guys,

I'm Michelangelo. I will be in Ghent in the second semester! Now I study at the Faculty of Economy in Bari.

Who will be there in the same period?

Hi everybody! 
I'm Nastassja and I'll be studying at Universiteit Ghent for 5 months :)
I'm looking for a room as close to the faculty of Arts and Philosophy as possible..and roommates, too! I'm italian and I speak english, german, french and some russian and I'll be delighted to practice and study new languages.
Please contact me if you're interested!



I have an apartment fully furnitured with two bedrooms, a big one and a small one.

The flat is very nice, in the most wonderful place in Ghent: It is close to everything!

Pictures of the apartment: (Big Room 1) (Big Room 2) (Big Room 3) (Small Room 1) (Small Room 2) (Small Room 3) (Living 1) (Living 2) (Living-Kitchen) (Kitchen 1) (Kitchen 2) (bath) 

The big room is for two people (it´s a shared bedroom with two beds) and costs €500/month (€250 per person - expenses around €50 non included). it is really large as you can see on pictures.

The small room cost €350/month (expenses around €50 non included).

In both cases, a deposit is requested. The amoung of the deposit is three months.

The contract is from September 2012 untill August 2013, but if you are going to be only 5 months in Gent, you can rent the room and look for someone to rent your room later, when you leave the apartment.

If you are interested, let me know on Facebook (Luis Alberto Horche)

Best Regards!

My name is Isabela, I am a Brazilian student and I will spend two semesters at Ugent - From September to July 2013.
I am also looking for a room to rent and roommates too , so please let me know if you are interested.

I'm Florence Detry!

I'm going to Gand in september, to study marketing in arteveldehogeschol.
I speak french, I can speak english, and I'm going to Gand to learn Dutch. 

I'm going there for only 5months! If you don't find anybody to rent for  a year, you can think to me. 




I'm Ana Igea from Spain.

I live in Gent as an aupair so I would like make some friends.

If you go out or something like that I like join you!



Hi to everybody!I'm going to stay in Gent for 5months and I'm still searching for a room! Everyone told me that the contracts must be of 10-12months! Please help me! ;) I'm already in Gent so I could visit your room if you have one! Thank you!


I'm going to study at Hogeschool Gent for the whole year 2012-2013. I'll be studying English, spanish and Dutch. I'm looking for a shared flat right now, with other students from all over the world if possible. If someone has a room to offer, please contact me!

Hi guys!

I'm Ana from Spain, I work in Ghent as an aupair. I would like to meet people during the weekend.

Thanks :)

Hola Ana Igea! soy una chica erasmus que acaba de llegar a Gante y no conoce a nadie...asi que también me gustaría conocer gente como tu!!! =)=)=) asi que si quieres nos ponemos en contacto!!!=)

Hola Ana y Beatriz,

Vivo en Gante, estudio en la Universidad de Gante en donde curso mi Bachelor y soy de Venezuela. Si quisieran reunirse a hablar cualquier cosa o conocer la ciudad , me encantaría!

If anybody is still searching for Accomodation let me know. If you are already in Gent n need advise or directions feel free to ask, if I can't help then I know who can! Best of wishes

Hi, I am Ling, do u know any where i can find a room?

where are u right now?.... in Gent already ? Whats you budget? How close must the room be to your school?.. A sheard appartment? A single Studio?

You may add me on SKYPE: kodwoosie

Hi everyone... Im not already a erasmus... i finish my university days... but im making a intership in Brussels in a Ngo...
Im living in Gent and dont know so many people then Im trying to go out to drink some beer this days with some one.
Im Chema, 25 old guy from north of spain. If someone is interested in reggae, ska, punk, rock, dubstep or to drink some beer... contact me!! I need people!!

Hello everyone, I'm Nick, 23 yrs old and i'll be going to gent from january until end of June. Anyone looking for a flat/flatmate or has any info on available rooms?

Any help would be great !!


Hi people! I'm Eszter from Hungary and I'm also goint to be studying in Gent in the next semester( from february tu june), and would like to rent a room, or share a flat with other students for about 300 euro/person. Please if you know about an accomodation that fulfill these aspects ,dont hesitate to contact me! :)


Hello everyone!

Is there someone still searching for a room/studio/flat/... for the next semester?
(February to June/July/August)

Mine is available for this period since I'm doing my internship in Brussels!


Kind regards!

Jan Van Geert

Resultaat 41-60 van 65 inschrijvingen

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