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Erasmus Firenze 2016 / 2017 (English)

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Hi Marika, I am Snigdha. I will be attending the Sept course at FDA too. Good to know.

I am looking for accomodation as well. When are u arriving? 

Hi Snigdha, nice to meet you ;)

I don't know right now, but I think I'll arrive around 7-10 of September :)

And you? 

Hi there, this is Maham. I'm also going to attend my Master of Interior Design from FDA starting this September and I'm also looking for accommodation, keep in touch if you guys find any option. 

I'll be in Florence on 8th of September.

Ciao! I'm Leonor, from Portugal and I'm going to be studying in Florence for the next semester with a portuguese friend! We are going to take some courses at the Political Sciences School, but we are still looking for accomodation! If you know about something, please do not hesitate to tell us :) Looking forward to meeting everyone!!


I'm Nils den Ouden from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I'm a 21 year old male and will be studying at the University of Florence, School of Economics, during the 1st/Autumn semester as an Erasmus+ exchange student. I am still looking for roommates and a nice room around the center of Florence where I can study, meet new people and most of all have a good time!



Hello everyone, first of all thanks for creating this thread. Going thru all this has been very helpful for me. But still no one has answer that after paying the enrollment of 850euros to FDA, after how many working days did you guys got a confirmation reply from the college? coz im getting bit restless. And also once they prompt you to pay the enrollment fee, so finally it means that he/she has got the admission to the college and there wont be any cryptic evaluation or shortlisting candidate process pending.!
Rply to above queries would be appreciated. :) 
Ohh yes! im joining FDA next year sep. hope to see you there :)  


i am looking for apartments In Florence 

would you advise or help who wants to share apartments, girl 

I am 18 and just starting the course in FDA  September 12

Hi,  I'm Elizabeth and I'm à student from France ! I'll be studying philosophy in Florence for a year. I just arrived yersteday : do some of you want to meet up ? :) 


I'm from Malaysia and are going to start my first year Interior design course in FDA starting January 2017 :D Hope to make good friends 


HIi, I will be here fromo ctober until march doing an Internship. I already have accommodation, but I know few people and I want to meet more Erasmus students. If there's a whatsap group or something, get me, please! Thaaaaanks

Hey , This is Aanchal from India .

A fun loving girl ready to explore the beautiful city of florence .I will be joining FDA in january 2017 session for Masters in Interior design. Looking for a fun roommate to accompany me through this journey . Love to cook and stay clean , expect the same from the roomate . It can also be a small group of people sharing an appartment. Kindly contact me incase i have any contendors .I speak fluent english and learning a little bit italian . 

Hello everyone, 

My name is Carolina, I am interested in the Master on Furniture Design at FIDI, but I need a scholarship to afford everything, and the one I was applying for didn´t approve FIDI because it is not acreddited by the Italian Government and the program is relatively new. I would love for people who already study this there, to tell me what do you think of the classes, the teachers, the level of exigency, and the opportunities for working after getting that Master's degree. I would like to know before I make a decision in whether or not take a chance and go into debt to study there.

I appreciate anything you can tell me :)

hello guys

i am dron from india and can anyone help me with scholarship process in FDA for indian students ? 

Hello guys, 

 I am Heta Parekh from India, 22 years old, I have been accepted for September 2017 batch for Masters in Interior Design. Would love to make some friends. Thanks

Hello everyone,

 I am Jordan from Liverpool, England, 25 years old and I will be coming to FDA in February for a course. I would love to make some friends before February so that we can all have a memorable stay in Florence.


Hi ! 

I am Semanti from India. I got accepted in FDA for the graphic design masters course in 2017 september. Is anyone here who will be going for the same course or same university at the same time? It will be kind'a helpful if i get a friend or an associate before i leave for the place. :)

Hi, semanti...I'm from Mumbai..And will be starting my course at same time(i.e sep 2017)..may I know from were you're? Also have you started your visa process?  And any accommodation/rented place?  :)

Hi Kunal !

i am from kolkata. Actually im still unsure about this whole thing as i need a scholarship to go and unfortunately im not getting any scholarships :( If i manage to bag a scholarship or a loan, il let you know! :)

Hey guys, I'm Paola, french/lebanese currently living in Beirut, going to Firenze in January for a jewelry design master. Hope to meet new friends to share adventures with in this breakthtaking city!

Resultaat 41-60 van 64 inschrijvingen

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