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Erasmus Amsterdam 2015 / 2016 (English)

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Hi Telma! i'm staying for a year too! 

Yeah Telma Me and my partner are in. The closer to Amsterdam center the better. :)

If we can get a place for about 1000 euros, and pay about 300 or 250 each, that would be great. 

Hi Inma! Are you with us as well? 

When is everyone going out? I could be in on this too but I will be there at the end of this month so if I haven't found a perminant place by the time that everyone else is out I could join you all?

Im from August 2015- mid june 2016

Hi guys! Please, help me!!

I am moving to Amsterdam in August and I am desperately looking for a place to stay! Preferably a studio, but a double room in a shared apartment will do as well. Max. budget 650€! 

Guys!! I didn't found a house yet !! 

I am a French 21 year old student looking for an apartment or a room in a shared flat in Amsterdam from August 2015 for the whole academic year.
I'm open minded, honest and have a maximum budget of € 550 per month.
I am a student and I'm doing my 3rd year at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.
I participate in housework and I looking for a room with a welcoming / friendly atmosphere.
For anyone who would have an announcement to offer me or wishing we were looking for an apartment together.  Raphaël Dmpr.

Hi guys! My name is Leire, and I am Spanish also going to Amsterdam for an Erasmus course. For the time being I will only be there for the first semester, I still dont really know if I will stay the whole year, but probably not. 

I study English in the Oviedo University, and I have lived three years in a student residence so I am quite used to living with other people and so on. I tried to find accommodation through the University but have been put in a waiting list so I am searching for something by now because at the moment I would have to sleep under a bridge or somewhere :(

If you guys are interested in sharing an appartment or anything, please contact me, I am really mad at this and it just sounds all so bad, looking for a place to live in without seeing it properly and without the chance to see if all is going to work out... BTW, BEST LUCK FOR YOU ALL! SEE U IN AMSTERDAM! 

Hi all, I am Shruti from India. I will be coming to Amsterdam in August as my course starts then. My institution is near the city centre so I prefer to be closer. I am 27 years old and have no hangups about sharing a living space with a female roommate. My hobbies are reading and listening to music. Hope to stay in touch. :) 

Hello All! 

My name is Jennifer and I am from Brooklyn, New York ( I guess in someways it was Amsterdam ;) ) I am going to be studying at UvA in the fall 2015-2016 anyone else coming from NYC on the 17th of August? 

Anyone in Amsterdam on the 20 th of august and needs a roommate ? :) :)I'm from Romania , I'm 18 and I will be studying a 4 years degree in tourism management  and can't wait to meet new people  

I will be in Amsterdam from the 20th of August to start my studies at the UvA in September and are looking for a place to live. I am open for any offers! I am a 18 year old girl from Sweden, happy, ordery, friendly person who loves to socialize and meet new people! 

Have any of you had any luck finding accomoncation on this site? I am starting to get desperate! Looking for a place from the end of next week or just this month. Sophia

Are there still people desperatly looking for a place and willing to team up?

I'm studying at the University of Amsterdam during the first semester (september-january) so I was wondering if one of you would like to team up and find a place together?

Why is this so hard???!!! :( 

Hello!! I'm also still looking!! You have to be careful because there are many scammers!!

Are there still people looking for a place to stay? 

i have to go to amsterdam in october !! =) if anyone know something please tell me!

i am in too Telma

Resultaat 21-40 van 43 inschrijvingen

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