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useful information about Palma

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¡Hola! everyone

I am coming to Palma in February 2019. I need sam basic information about life there. 

  1. where i can find accomodation
  2. is it better to stay in apertment with some roommates or in room
  3. is it better to find accomodation on internet( and which website) before arrival or when i come
  4. how much money i need monthly in Palma

thanks in advance

Hi¡ If you find accomodation please let me know, im going to be there in February too. I'm looking for a room to share, or maybe if i can find 3 people more, i think we can take a flat and split the expenses, my budget is 200-270. 

Mostrando 1-2 di 2 pubblicazioni


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