Erasmus Kosice 2011/2012 (English)

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Hello ! I'm going to study in University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik :) ...anyone else???

Hi, I've got some friends there! (: Which the field of study do you have?

Great! I'm on medicine. And Ur friends? Hope to meet people not only from this field :)

Agnieszka, in which term are you going?

Hi, in the middle of September, 'cos the classes start 19th.

are you going to stay here whole year of just winter term?

whole year :P

Hi!  I'm going to study in University tecnicka of kosice... and I will arrive on  February 5!

...anyone else???

Hi, I am just studying there, but I am from Slovakia. Want to know anything more?

Hi everybody! Im going too to this University in Kosice. I study English studies. I'll be there on the 15th of September for a year. Im from Mallorca (Spain). Do you have your flights? I'm moving through Budapest on the 14th and the next morning i'll take the train to Kosice. What about you ? :)

Mostrando 1-11 di 11 pubblicazioni


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