Erasmus Istanbul 2019 / 2020 (English)

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Hello guys, my name is Rishabh. I am an Indian student pursuing undergraduate in law. I am visiting Bilgi for one-semester starting from 1st September. I'm looking for accommodation to share with other international students in the area of Sisli/Besiktas. If you are looking for a roommate, you can contact me. :) I'm an easy going and cleanliness loving person. I love to follow football, tennis, and cricket.

I would also like to get in touch with other international students who are already present in Biligi University and those who are arriving shortly. 

Diego and Sara, it would be great to know both of you. If you guys are OK, you can private message me and we can meet up when I'm in Istanbul.



Hello! I am Bircan. I m from Turkey. I am a student at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. In the middle of August or early September, looking for 1 roommate. The house is located in Kocamustafapaşa. 2 + 1 room and furnished. It is 15 minutes away from Istanbul University (Taksim). The location of the house is quite nice. It is sufficient for the person to come with the suitcase. Please contact us immediately. Thanks.

Hello I'm Arda from Istanbul University. If someone still trying to find a place to live my house is avaliable right now. You can check it from my profile. Best regards

Hello! I am Nicole. Im from Germany and will be spending a semester (september 2019-january 2020) in Istanbul at Koc University. If anyone else will be studying at Koc University feel free to contact me! Also, im currently looking for accomodation and dont know yet where would be the best area in order to access public transportation that takes me to Koc. If anyone can help me that would be great :) Thank you

Hi! I'm Gunce from İstanbul. I'm an engineer graduated from Bilgi University. Currently living in Şişli and looking for flatmates. You can check my rooms from my profile.

Hello Gunce Deniz,

I am Rishabh Agrawal and I am looking for apartment for my exchange term in Bilgi from Sept 2019-Jan 2020. I am a male student and I would like to ask if your house can accommodate a male as well? You can pm me as well



Hello everyone! First of all, I must say that you will have a great erasmus term in here Turkey. Once upon a time I was in Slovenia and It was also great. So you will need a local to find answers for your questions. I am a lawyer in Istanbul, please do not hesitate to contact with me about any question. Hope to meet some of you in here. Looking forward! Have fun!

I'm looking for a long-term female friend at my house in Ortaköy. I don't smoke alcohol. as long as your friend doesn't bother me, it's okay to use it. the fee is 1500 at most. the transportation of the house is very close to everywhere and very close to ortaköy Beach. I'm waiting for you :)

Hello. Can i see the place?

Hello, im Tina from Slovenia. This schollar year I will work traineeship in sehir university. 

looking also for shared room in apartment In asian side of Istanbul (it will be great if apartment is near metro).

hope to find nice friends for spending good time with☺️

I'm a master student in business administration In altinbas university. I speak English fluently. And I studied educational management in my first degree at university. Am looking for a part time job. I have 1yr 8 months working experience as a teacher.. And I can work in other field.

Greetings all from Erasmus Reunion!

Welcome to the great city of İstanbul. We are a voluntery social community of erasmus students to help each other out, find flats and join cool events in the city together!

Find our socials /ErasmusReunionTR

Hi! Im a spanish girl going to Istanbul on summer. Im looking for a nice room for July and August. But other than that i would love to make new friends and discover this amazing city. So if you are looking for someone open minded, that loves doing new things everyday, that's me, write! 

Hi Paula Gomez, I am KAycee. I'm currently living in Istanbul. Hopefully we could meet at some point in August being my birth month too. Feel free to chat me up. 

Hola Paula,

Soy turco y estoy vivendi a Istanbul.  Puo contáctarmi.

Hello every one. I am looking for new peaople for my soon. He is 15 years old. He want learn english with you.if you want to come turkey well come. Stay with us. Thanks contact me ... we live in istanbul near saw airport

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