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Erasmus Turku 2012 / 2013 (English)

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Hello Cody!! How are you? I was in Turku the last year as exchange student also and I can tell that you make a really good choice going to Turku to be Exchange Student ;) If you have any doubt or if you need any help for anything just ask :) I will be glad to help you and everyone of course :D

I just tell you guys that you start to be ready to face the winter there ;)


Thanks a lot Alberto, and I am very well. And don't worry, I packed my fair share of heavy winter jackets. I've dealt with some bad winters, but nothing like Finland's going to give me. -10 degrees on average is nothing to take lightly.

How is the exchange student life there? I know most of the time will be spent inside, and that the village is very diverse. I really hope Abo Akademi is relatively close to the apartments, along with a grocery store. I don't want to spend the winter cold AND hungry!

But either way, thanks again.

OOOUH man!! how is exchange there?? Just two words could describe that: cool and amazing!! hehe. I was there like Erasmus, one exchage program quite popular here in Europe, and I can tell you that the experience there is quite good, absolutely. You're going to find there people from some many countries and places, so I recomend you socialize with them ;) they know so good how enjoy the time there.

And about haliskyla... well, it's a good place, actually. It's near of Abo Akademi yes, five minutes by bike and fifteen walking probably. You will probably share apartment with other two guys and yes, you have a supermarket there, next to Haliskyla.

If you need more help or if you want more information, ask here or search my name on facebook ;) up to you.


Voici 21-23 de 23 posts

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