Praha Drinking Olympics 2011/12

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Your Colacao:)

Do you mean discos in the city centre and that stuff? I dont like them xD I dont like the type of music they usually put in those places and I dont like to dance in those places full of drunk people haha
I want to go to nice pubs with jazz or rock music, that would be suuuuper nice lol but it seems that people normally prefer clubs u.u

So you are like me...i also love jazz clubs:)Its sad we dun have much of these in Prague bcs tourists prefer trance, disco, dnb etc... But i know some nice places:]

Wohooo I just saw "my colacao" lol and yeah its cheap! Im not going to have a sad existance drinking just milk hahahahha
Yeah I think Prague is too much for the tourists... thats sad but I cant complain because I will be a kind of a tourist there... I`ve been looking for those type of pubs but I think most of them are in Prague 1, expensive and touristy...
You are very welcome to show us poor Erasmus students the real Prague :D

Everything is for tourist..especially P1 and P2:) Suprisingly you can find most of students club with cheap alcohol in P1 ....However im glad for my pub in P4..thats all i need.

they say: there is no place like home and i say: there is no such thing as Czech beer. seriously guys, best thing ever!
jakub, you beer drinking individuum, nice to "meet" you!

I remember when I drunk homemade Rakia in Serbia Barbora, haven't been able to stand since, pretty sure my liver hasn't been the same since haha. Sorry to disappoint Jakub, but I love trance discos :)

Ehh I tried Raki in Turkey and didint like at all. Its like limonade with wierd smack....never more. Try "Zelena" when you come to CZ. Its only 20pct but really good:)

Sorry but raki it's from Greece. You should try it with summer fruits.

Raki is not only from Greece. And if it is... beer is from Czech republic then:D

raki is very well known in crete=an island of greece
so prague has some serious choices for going out...
i love all of them ...if you want to hear some good music go for rock and jazz mystic bars...
if you want some serious drinking and dancing with hotties(haha) definetely go for the mainstream trance discos..

Raki is very well know all over the Balkan=peninsula in Europe:)

BEER .. I can drink this shit, aaaaaaall dayy loooonggg !

Also @ panos,, RAKI is a Turkish national drink that invented firts in Turkey :) yours is Uzo bro, a copy of rakı... :)

@ ozdemir i don't care if uzo or raki is turkish or greek...
they sound like tourkish words though
they both suck in my opinion ...haha
they only go well with some food...
beer is far better

Finally intelligent statement! Beer is far better:)

you are right pano :) they smell awful and make my stomach crazy. beer 4ever.
Also which city are you from ?

If you ask me... Prague, MUP:)

No one asked but... Barcelona! Haha

i asked it to Pano but of course for you also:) Hi by the way I am Cagatay from Turkey. I will study in MUP for a year. How about you guyz?

Voici 21-40 de 42 posts

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