Praha Drinking Olympics 2011/12

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I know I mentioned it a week ago or so but I thought that I could create a thread where people could officially register their interest :D for those that don't know as a way of meeting new people and especially getting used to the inevitable culture shock of being in a new country with people of all kinds of nationalities we could all represent our nations in a series of drinking games! So I'll be the first to say COME ON ENGLANNNNNDDD! Although obviously this is more about what unites us rather than what divides us :D the answer being alcohol...

Oh yeah....I'll be glad to represent Italy!!!! It's gonna be awsome:)

Lovely way of uniting countries and cultures =) LOVE IT, im in... but lets take it easy, i can see myself NOT going to class LOL

Love having u both on board :D and Constanza I think that was one of the reasons I came up with the idea haha

I have to say I get drunk with a couple of beers so I am not the best option to represent Spain hahahaahah but I encourage people to join, this is going to be epic! XDDDDD

AHAHAHAAH finally i find my place in the world :..)

im scared XD hahahahaha

alcohol join people of the different countries!!and you speak a lot of languages when you drunk ehehehe
the competition is interesting...what country win???eheheh Spain is good for this things and the becherovka is a good thing for competition!!!
and this competition is a good idea for avoid the cold ahahah

what if everybody bring their national drink so that we all try it. (it doesnt necessarily have to be national drink - just something what people in your country drink the most)



Someone from the Canary Islands: bring ronmiel!!

we have this "Today's commercially-produced borovička contains about 60% alcohol by volume" anybody wanna try it?

hey... well I'm from Sardinia...we're the most consumer of beer in italy XD but that's our typical drink: the one we drink in sardinia is homemade and contains something like 60/70 % alcohol

hmm, I'm English so I guess I'll be bringing the beers and cider! hardly exotic but if you drink enough of it its good :D still makes us english look weak in comparison to all you guys with your drinks that could probably be sold as petrol.

mikey you have to be careful with drinking something home-made here. you could easily go blind. (just kidding)

I did something similar with my friends few years back so i can say best discipline was eating czech 2 sausages + 2 slices of bread + 2beers on time:),_ho%C5%99%C4%8Dice,_chl%C3%A9b.jpg

Do you have baguette bread there? I think I'm gonna miss it along with Cuetara cookies, Colacao and olive oil (which is easy to find anywhere but it is expensive -_-)

Yes i think so. We have many kinds of pastry. But you ll be probably unhappy about olives and olive oil, vegetable ... we dont eat it much so range of these products is limited:) When i went to turkish farmers market for the first time i didint know like 1/3 of that "grass":) I ve never had Cuatera cookies but im pretty sure its similar to "Bebe sušenky" => chceck google images:) About COlacao.....i dont know this brand but we have it and its quite cheap:) I drink "Granko"..aactually i eat it with curd:) .. use google images once again:)

OMG do you have colacao there? Im happy now ahahahaa I will have to look for those Czech products when I arrive there :D thanks!! Hope you join our parties!!

as long as it will be in regular czech pub and not in clubs in city in! dont like clubs:) Im that kind of person what we call=pivař =Beer drinking individuum. As a proud consumer of just one brand of beer I cant drink anywhere:)

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