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Looking for a room in Istanbul

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Hello I'am an expta here and I'm Looking for a Room to rent (long term) furnished of course, 180euros maximum as a budget ! 

Feel free to contact me I'am a open minded woman so no matter the situation is!

Thanks and have a great day

male or female ?

Hello! We have 2 women and 2 cats at home. We are both studying architecture at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. Our house is furnished. You will pick up your suitcase. We are looking for women friends who can adapt and personalize harmony. Waiting for our your message :)


I'm coming to Istanbul next week to attend in English and Turkish language class.

I'm 27 with good behavior.

I'm looking for an affordable price with roomates.

Stay in touch with me.


Voici 1-4 de 4 posts


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Cours hamsters ! Cours !