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Erasmus Kielce 2010 / 2011 (Español)

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¡Bienvenido al foro de Erasmus Kielce 2010 / 2011!

Este es el lugar para que todos los Erasmus y estudiantes de intercambio que vamos a Kielce en 2010 / 2011 nos presentemos y conozcamos antes de llegar. Preséntate y pregunta tus dudas sobre la ciudad, la universidad, el alojamiento, cómo llegar a Kielce, dónde comer, los precios, los sitios para salir de fiesta, etc. También puedes ver:

- El foro general de Kielce
- La gente que estuvo, está y estará en Kielce
- La galería de fotos de Kielce
- Experiencias Erasmus en Kielce
- El tiempo y mapa de Kielce
- Las universidades en Kielce

Si eres un estudiante que estuvo en Kielce en años anteriores, puedes compartir tu experiencia sobre Kielce y votar la ciudad haciendo click aquí. Las ciudades con mejores experiencias aparecerán más altas en el ránking de ciudades erasmus. ¡Consigue que Kielce aparezca la primera!

Livin' la vida Erasmus!

Hola me voy a Kielce en Septiembre y estoy un poco agobiada porque no encuentro apenas informacion en internet. Espero que alguien me pueda ayudar!


Hi! If you could write your message in English, I think I can help you:)

Hi Anna!! of course I can write in English ha haha!! I am going to Kielce in September, but I'm a little stressed because in internet I do not find anything about Kielce....not accomodation, not anything!! do you think you can help me, at least with the accomodation?


The accomodation... In Poland we have a special newspaper ANONSE ŚWIĘTOKRZYSKIE where you can find many offers, but of course there are same offers in Internet. There you have same pages:
Every of them are unfortunately in polish... So maybe you write me information about places where you want to live (do you want to have single room or share it with somebody, where will you study/work in Kielce, and how hight monthly rent could be?) and I will try to find same offers for you.

Oh thanks! actually I am going with my boyfriend, therefore we need a single room with queen bed o something like that. We prefer that the flat would be in the city center.And of course, sharing it with another people!!! thank you so much!!

And I forgot, I must now how long you will be in Kielce, because that is very important with searching a room.

I am going to be there from october to december

I was talking with my freinds, but they don't have a room for rent :( If you don't find anything, maybe you can book a room in a hotel in Kielce for first 1-2 days and search something there. I can be your "guide";) You will see a few rooms and choose the best.

Thanks Anna! I have a room in a residence already! thanks to my coordinator...but only for two weeks.
Then we are going to search another place. We have thought in a residence, because all the students advice us this...
what do you think about this?

That's great!:) I thing room in a residence is very good idea! What's more, for first two weeks you get to know Kielce and decide where do you want to live:)

bad news... residences are not mixed!!!!!!! therefore....looking for a flat!

Oh... I was in Bulgaria and I didn't see your message. But now if you need something, you can write to me.

Well, I have some questions to you.... If you want I will sent you a private message, I think it is better!

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