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ERASMUS Bruxelles - Summer 2023

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Hi everyone! I’m Valentina a 25 yo italian student. Next summer I’m going to start three months internship in Bruxelles (from July to September 2023). I’m looking for roomates and new friends in general to share experience in our free time. I would like to meet international students to improve my English and learn more about other cultures.

You can write me here or in private thanks :)

Hello. I am alicia from Spain, and I am also going this summer in July, to be in bruxells!

Hello to everyone! My name is Vanni and I come from Italy.
I am nineteen years old and I'm going to take an Erasmus+ project of mobility from June to August in Bruxelles.
I would like to know new people that will be there and spending time together during the leiusure time.
You could write me here or in private. Can't wait!

Mostrando 1-3 de 3 entradas


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