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Coffee Shop ???

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Hey I was wondering if anyone know of any good coffee shops ? Thanks 

El Sur - Lluria location!


TOP 25 places to take a first date in Barcelona, these may be interest of you. 

Coffe in Casa Fuster is my favorite one. 


Heres a few coffee shops i especially like! Really good coffee in Barcelona.

- Nomad coffeeshops are quite popular, a little expensive but very good quality coffee

- Cosmo Café if you are looking for a nice place to drinks and eat some treat

- Satan's coffee corner a cool place! It's a little hidden

- Kiwi coffee & co Speciality Coffee!

Of course there are Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Sandwichez, etc. But i also recommend going to Bars! Normal places have good coffee too, and usually it's very cheap (1,20€). You can go to the previous coffee shops if you reaaally love coffe!


Mostrando 1-4 de 4 entradas


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