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Intercambio de idiomas

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Hola me gustaria hablar con gente de habla inglesa, o italiana y hacer un intercambio de idiomas español -ingles/italiano

Hello, I am Dutch, but I was born in England.... I am coming to live in Madrid in enero para 5 meses. If you can teach me Spanish, I can teach you English. We could start over Skype and then continue when I will be in Madrid? Let me know.

Hola! mi novio Matteo vorria aprender el espanol y podria ensenarte el italiano si tu quieres ponerte en contacto con ello escrivime un mensaje. Saludos  

Hello; my name is Marisol, and I could teach you Spanish (as I'm a  Lenguage teacher in a Highschool) if you, in return,want to teach English to my 10 years boy, Alejandro... but It's only  for conversation... I only want him to get more fluency in English ...  Are you interested? We could meet each other over skype if you want.. 

Hi Marisol, 

My name is Gabriella and im a student from London on my year abroad from university. I would love to improve my spanish skills and think this is the perfect set up. My skype name is gabriella.notter1

Hopefully hear from you soon :)

Hi Everybody,

If you want to learn English or Spanish you can always go to Learn It Town, we are an virtual 3D academy with live native speaker teachers. From home and unlimited classes :D

If you want more information you can always go here : right now we are offering a 7 day free trial! 

I recommend you this course of Spanish for foreigners. It's granted by University of Salamanca and is ONLINE and FREE!

The level is A2, and I think that may be fine for people who need to learn quickly and with few possibilities of getting around.

Here you have the link to the course:

I hope it will help you!!!


Zeigt 1-7 von 7 Einträge


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