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hola alguien que vaya el curso que viene a Bonn...

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hola alguien que vaya el curso que viene a Bonn(alemania)??

hola!! sorry but i can't speak spanish..i'll go tu uni in bonn next october..u too?

I can`t spanish too but nobody is posting in the english section, so i`m gonna spam here ((:. I`d love to get in touch with somebody so i`m givin` my mail I`m lookin forword hearin from you guys. Grüsse ((:

Yo estoy en Bonn !!
I´m in Bonn !!

Holaa! Yo voy a Bonn en el curso 2012-2013. Dejo aqui mi correo para estar en contacto:  No dudéis en agregarme. 

I'm going to Bonn the next course, that's my email! thanx guys!

Hi!! I'm also going to Bonn next year! I'd like to meet people, I'm studying psichology at UCM in Madrid :)
My email is

hey people! i'm going to bonn too, send me a private, and then we can exchange mail and facebook accounts! see you guys!

Yo ya esty en bonn, esty con otro colega español por donde salis los erasmus en bonn?

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