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todo baratisimo, se habla andaluz, solo se oye heavy,

Hi Iveta,
we are two friends of Vigo. He is going to study next year there and I´m going to visit him every month. Two years later, we will do the opposite thing, he´ll come back to Vigo, and I´ll go to study in Zilina. =)

hello Iveta
I am who is going to live in Zilina, I expect to love Slovakia and all the countries arround
the problem is that we don't konw any slovak word xD we'll have to do lots of signs for everything

Hello! i'm also going on erasmus to zilina! winter semester 2010/2011

hi! I´m going to Zilina in winter term as well!! and I have a question: where can I find anyinformation for renting a room in a shared flat?
thank you and good luck!

A mostrar 1-6 de 6 entradas


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