March - July - 2021 - Brera Academy

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Hi, I'm Natalia, 22 years old from Wrocław in Poland :)))))

I will be studying interior design at Accademia di BRERA in a spring semester of 2020/2021.

I would love to meet new people and experience this adventure with them!

Also looking for room or roommate ;)

Hey! I’m also interior design student (3rd year) from Portugal and I’ll be doing erasmus at Politecnico di Milano this spring semester from march till july :)

I’m 20yo and I speak portuguese, italian, spanish, french and english. I am also looking for other students to share this experience with and for a room/ roommate. I still haven't found a place to stay because my budget isn't too high so I'm willing to share a room or room on the same flat!

Did you already find a place to stay?

I've sent you a private message :)

Hey! I'm Luisza, I'm 21 years old and I'm from Romania. I'm studying Restoration and Conservation and I'll be coming to Milan as well for the next academic year. I'm also going to study at Accademia di Brera, and I'm looking for people that I could rent something with. I know it's been awhile since you wrote those messages, but I was wondering if you were still looking for roommates. :D

Hi! I'm Lidia and I will be studying at Accademia di Brera this 2021-2022 course (the whole year). I'm looking for peolpe to rent something with or advice about residences and how to apply to those. :)

A mostrar 1-5 de 5 entradas


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