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Erasmus in Leipzig 2012/2013

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Hey there!

My name is Rachel, I am 20 years old and come from Greece. I will be attending Erasmus In Leipzig, studying German Philology. I am really excited but I can't find a group on Fb or something about Erasmus in Leipzig 2012/2013. Hopefully I'm gonna find the Erasmus people here. So, who will be in Leipzig next year? :D

I will:D In fact me and my friend Diana will:) Hi!!!

Finally!!! I found someone whose attending Erasmus in Leipzig:D

We are from Portugal and at Leipzig we will be studying Classic Philology. My languages will be english, french and spanish and Diana's german, english and french.

Rachel, do you know when the erasmus welcoming reception is ocurring?  Diana and I have no idea!

Hopefully we will meet there:D

Hope to hear from you,



Hi Rachel!

Found more people that are going to Leipzig this year:)

There is a spanish group forum going on and also a facebook group.

Hi! I'm Ilaria and i'm also going to Leipzig attending Erasmus there from February 2013! And you, when will you start your Erasmus?


Hey girls!
I'm so happy to find people going to Leipzig! I'm sorry I didn't answer earlier but I had disabled my account and so had to make a new one.. well, Yolanda I think it's mid of September- Language Courses and Orientation Week- and I'd really want to find these groups you are talking about, can you help me?
Ilaria, I'll be in Leipzig from the 16th of September and I'll be staying the whole year :))

If you want to add me on facebook the name is  "Rachel Houliara"

greetings  xx

Hi Rachel and IIaria! So nice to meet tou girls:)

I am sorry for being missing.

Diana and I will be going to Leipzig on September 25 and will stay there until February or March.

Rachel, thank you for answering my question but unfortunately I can't help you much because I don't have an account on facebook. The only way you can meet the spanish erasmus students that I mentioned to you is to enter the erasmus spanish students forum 2012-2013. Hopefully they will tell you how to track them on facebook.

Oh My God! September 16?! It's tomorow:D

When you get there tell us all about it:)

Hope you have a safe flight!


See you and IIaria in Leipzig:)


Ciao Ilaria! scusa il disturbo! Devo partire in erasmus a Lipsia credo ad aprile per il summer semester..... solo che ho alcuni problemi con il sito, l'iscrizione ecc ecc.. e qui in facoltà nessuno mi calcola! Potresti darmi una mano? grazie in anticipo

Ciao!! Scusa, ma ho letto solo ora! Certo, chiedi pure, anche io partirò per il sommersemester!

Hi! I'm Katalin, from Hungary. I'm going to HTWK Leipzig attending Erasmus from 21.02.2013!:)

hiiiii all!

Alessandra: se posso aiutarti ancora chiedi pure!


I'm Birgit from Belgium. I am going to Leipzig from 6 February 2013. 
I really hope I will meet some new people! And I'm very excited about it!

If you want to add or pm me on facebook, don't hesitate,  my name is "Birgit Verstraete" ;)

greetings xxx


I am untilm June here in Leipzig doing a practicum internsheep and I would like to know more people!! I also leave my facebook name, so if you want to meet sombody: Anna Garcia Puig

Brigit I will look you up in facebook!!


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